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We get it. Position papers aren’t the sexiest part about Model UN. We know most delegates still wait until 12-hours before the deadline to start writing them. And we definitely know that most delegates never look at their position paper after submitting them to make sure that they’re eligible for awards.

Unless you take Model UN as a class, and you get a grade for your papers. But that’s another story.

The truth is that position papers and proper research are taken for granted. While we know that you’ll never do Model UN just to write a position paper, maybe you should put a bit more time into crafting your policy before a conference. We all know that you like to brag about how you’re great “on the fly,” but let’s be serious, the teams that constantly win at MUN conferences are usually the ones with the best ideas. And ideas come from research. And research is reflected in a position paper. Get it?

Whether it’s out of morbid curiosity, or you actually want to improve you game, check out our step-by-step free online course on Model UN Position Papers.


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