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COVID19 VACCINE REQUIREMENT: All staff and students will be required to submit proof of vaccination. Registration is now open for accepted students to reserve their seats. Please contact [email protected] with any questions or concerns.

US National Model UN Travel Team

2021-2022 Conferences: VAMUN, NAIMUN, JHUMUNC, YMUN, EagleMUNC

All-American Model UN is excited to relaunch its US competitive travel team! The goals of the US team mirror that of the international team: increase opportunities for students to compete at Model UN conferences, provide world-class training and coaching, and build long-term relationships with students. Because of the uncertainty of international travel, All-American Model UN will be attending five US conferences.

We practice a solutions-oriented Model UN strategy, backed up with strong advocacy, debate, and negotiation skills. Our US Travel Team has won Best Delegation awards from NAIMUN (x3), WUMUNS, and BosMUN over the past three years. Over 50% of students have won individual awards while participating on the US team.

Students may enroll in the year-long program, including all travel conferences, or enroll in specific conferences.

Virginia Model UN (VAMUN)- Nov 5-7, 2021

Charlottesville, VA
Traditional & Crisis Committees
Students: 500

Johns Hopkins Model UN Conference (JHUMUNC)- Feb 11-14, 2022

Baltimore, MD
Traditional & Crisis Committees
Students: 1200

Georgetown University- NAIMUN: Feb 17-20, 2022

Washington, D.C.
Traditional and Crisis Committees
Students: 3,500

Boston College- EagleMUNC: April 1-3, 2022

Boston, MA
Traditional and Crisis Conference
Students: 1,300

Cornell Model UN Conference – CMUNC- April 22-25, 2022

Ithaca, NY
Traditional & Crisis Committees
Students: 600


Work with the All-American Model UN Director to go over conference strategy, practice debating, and discuss policy research.

Students enrolled in the US Travel Team will have the chance to work directly with the All-American Model UN Director. In the run-up to conferences, every student will be required to conduct at least two one-on-one session with the Director to review research, discuss strategies, and practice speeches.

Frank and the All-American team are the epitome of professional, high-quality Model United Nations training. With their help, I’ve gone on to have great success at highly competitive conferences, and have strengthened my overall skills as a delegate and a public speaker. I capped off my senior years winning Best Delegate at HMUN and NAIMUN.

Bobby Hobart

The Bay School of San Francisco, Dartmouth College

More than just Model UN, Frank wants all of his students to excel in every aspect of their life. I learned so much about Model UN, but also about international politics, economics, and international law. All-American Model UN has the foundation and starting point for my education and future career ambitions.

Rose Jacobs

Walton Payton College Prep, Columbia University/Science Po

Sixteen Years of Training Material in the Making

Get your hands on all of our training material, developed over the past 15+ years. Practiced and proven material that produces results.


The US National Model UN Travel Team by All-American Model UN includes all of the following for each conference.

Airport Transfers

Conference Fees

Remote Online Training

24-Hour Supervision and Contact

5-Star Convention Center Hotel

Delegation Dinner

Application and Qualifications

Students applying to the All-American Model UN team should have a consistent performance of excellence, not just in Model United Nations also academically. We will assess each candidate on an individual basis and not against one another. Students should use their application to illustrate their strengths and progress throughout high school. 

The US Travel Team will have a different set of criteria for acceptance compared to the International Travel Team, which had the highest standard. All students who have completed the Diplomacy Academy will be automatically accepted on to the US Travel Team. Typically, we will be looking for students who meet the following criteria: 

  • Students must have at least of one year of competitive Model United Nations experience and participated in at least two conferences.
  • The best candidates will have won at least one paper award (Honorable, Outstanding, Best, or the equiviliant)
  • Exemplary understanding of parliamentary procedure including: moderated debate, motions and points, resolution writing, and voting procedure.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Ability to thoroughly research advanced matters of international affairs, both in the present and past.
  • Leadership experience either in Model United Nations or comparable co-curricular activities

Student Seats Available


Acceptance Rate


Award Rate after All-American


Students Accepted into Ivy League or Similar Schools


Not only has our training produced seven years of winning Best Delegation awards and 95% individual award rate on All-American travel teams, but we’ve also helped high schools around the US win.

First, our training was exclusive to only students accepted and enrolled in All-American Model United Nations programs. Since 2011, our teams have won delegation awards at every conference that we’ve attended, and our students place a staggering 95% of the time. For three consecutive years, from 2016-2018, the All-American Model UN team won Best Small Delegation at Georgetown’s North American Invitational Model UN (NAIMUN) conference in Washington, D.C.

In 2016, we started training high school teams around the country. With our research and training techniques, we’ve helped school teams win delegation awards at some of the top conferences in the country, including YMUN, BosMUN, and WAMUNC.

Now, we’re bringing our training online to individual students across the country!

Our philosophy revolves around four pillars: 

  • Research and Preparation– All-American Model UN places a premium on research and pre-conference preparation. Students will be taught how to research complex international issues, analyze past actions taken, and develop new, novel approaches for solving some of the world’s biggest challenges.
  • Pattern Recognition- Model UN conferences, whether one day or five days, follow the same pattern or cycle. The All Access training program will divulge the “secret” pattern behind Model UN conferences and teach students how to best develop a strategy to succeed.
  • Emotional Intelligence- Model UN teaches grit, determination, leadership, and team building. To better understand these skills, All-American Model UN believes in teaching emotional intelligence to its students.
  • Confidence- We believe that practice builds confidence. Rather than constantly run mock simulations, we break Model UN down into smaller, more digestible segments. We approach Model UN education like baseball or basketball practice–you don’t constantly scrimmage during every practice, but instead, you work on individual drills to apply to game situations.

Best Small Delegation

Best Small Delegation


We’ll introduce a new exercise to improve your MUN game. Exercises will be practiced during training sessions, and you’ll also be given instructions on how you can practice by yourself or with your school team.


All students will be a part of our online Slack community, where students from around the country can talk about conferences, strategies, the news, and anything else they’d like to with a community of likeminded global citizens.


Through the year, students enrolled the US travel team can expect some extra perks along the way, like stickers, pins, free print issues of UNMOD The Magazine, and some other goodies.


TuitionOne-Year Program (5 Conferences): $4,000
Individual Conferences: $900
Airfare ExpenseVaries on location, not included
Payment Details & Options
  • Payment due upon enrollment
  • Payment plans available up to 9 months
  • Checks, money orders, and credit cards accepted
Scholarships and Aid
  • Very limited finaicial assistance is offered for the US Travel Team
Additional Information
  • Please do not book your travel arrangements to host city until you are told to do so by the Director.

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