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Reforming The UN: Why Everyone Sees The Need For Change

Over the nearly seventy-five years since the United Nations was chartered, it has had many successes, from prosecuting dictators to providing humanitarian aid to disaster-stricken places around the world; however, it has struggled to effectively address issues like...

UN Deep Dive: What is the United Nations Doing to Address Coronavirus?

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, the United Nations, it’s subsidiaries, and it’s partners have been working to both support national responses to the pandemic and maintain current operations. The traditional U.N. crisis response mechanism has adapted as a result...

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How to Command a Model UN Question-and-Answer Panel

How to Command a Model UN Question-and-Answer Panel

The Question-and-Answer (Q and A) Panel is an often under-appreciated feature of the general assembly that can sometimes make or break a delegate’s chances of walking away with a gavel. Not only is it another opportunity for a delegate to explain the complexities of...

How to Lead a Model UN Team During Quarantine

How to Lead a Model UN Team During Quarantine

While the Covid-19 pandemic has postponed and canceled real-life Model UN conferences for the foreseeable future, this doesn’t mean that your team has to go on pause as well. In fact, Model UN can be a way for your team to stay entertained while the world remains...


What I Learned From All-American’s Summer Programs

What I Learned From All-American’s Summer Programs

This past summer, I participated in two All-American Summer Programs: The Crisis Academy and the Diplomacy Academy. Both programs followed a similar structure, where a workshop would take place each morning, followed by an afternoon simulation that allowed us to put...

What Does Positive Leadership Look Like in Model UN

What Does Positive Leadership Look Like in Model UN

Leadership is a valuable skill, yet elusive and hard to master for many people. Some people just seem to be born as great leaders, future presidents, and CEOs. They’re probably extremely tall, voice crisp and booming, and they simply have this “presence” that can...


4 Reasons Why You Should Try an Online Model UN Conference

4 Reasons Why You Should Try an Online Model UN Conference

Since the emergence of COVID-19, the way people meet and interact has been significantly altered, particularly events that require a large number of people. Model UN conferences, unfortunately, have not been exempt from the changes in interactions required to prevent...

How is International Law Enforced?

How is International Law Enforced?

In Model UN, we most often interact as diplomats within the framework of the United Nations or other international organizations, but rarely do we consider how these systems work and the relationship which they have with the member countries. All nations operate...



Creative Committee Suggestions

In no specific order, here are some committee ideas. Feel free to share or use them if you’d like! Read More–>


My Favorite Things to Pack for Model UN Conferences

Here are a few supplemental items I recommend you bring with you to a conference to ensure success. Read More–>


Top Ten Things Model UN Beginners Screw Up

Here’s our Top Ten list of the thing MUN beginners mess up the most at their first conferences.  Read More–>


Best Ways for a MUN Club to Fundraise

Fundraising is essential to any successful MUN Team. More Money=More people who can pay for a conference.  Read More–>


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