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Due to the on-going coronavirus crisis, All-American Model UN has decided to suspend all in-person activities until 2021 to ensure the safety of all of our community members and mentors. We’ve transitioned to providing a suite of digital Model UN training, conferences, and academies. All students who registered for programs in 2020 will receive 100% full refunds.

Thank you for your confidence and support.

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There’s only one way to know

WEMUN Expo Conference and Beijing Program

Aug 1 – Aug 7, 2020
Beijing International Convention Center, Beijing, China
1,000+ Students

Xi’an Terracotta Warriors Extension

Aug 8 – Aug 11, 2020
Xi’an, China

The WEMUN Expo is an internationally recognized Model United Nations platform headquartered in Beijing, China. For more than a decade, WEMUN has helped to bring Chinese students to US conferences. Since 2007, they have hosted the WEMUN Expo Conference, a collaborative effort between Boston University, the University of Chicago, McGill University, Oxford University, the University of Pennsylvania, Cornell University, and others.

The All-American Model UN Team first attended the WEMUN Expo in 2012 and has won Best Delegation every year since then. Our students win awards over 98% of the time at the WEMUN Expo. All-American Model UN students have had the choice to compete as delegates or work alongside college students as Assistant Directors.

Day One: Boston, MA (optional)
Arrive in Boston, MA for one-day MUN training
Meet your All-American team mates
Train with the All-American MUN Director

Day Two: Beijing, China Tour
Arrive in Beijing, China
Tour Historic Beijing:
– Guided tour of the Forbidden City
– Visit Tian’anmen Square
– Explore the Hutongs and make dumplings
– Tour the Temple of Heaven
– Enjoy a Peking Duck Dinner

Day Three: Beijing City Tour
Watch a Kung Fu Show
Shop at Wangfujing
Shop at the Pearl Street Market
Tour a Lama Buddhist Temple
Tour the Summer Palace

Day Four: Beijing Tour
Visit the Great Wall of China
Participate in a Tea Ceremony
Enjoy a Hot Pot Dinner
Shop at the Southern Drum Alley Market

Day Five-Seven: WEMUN Expo Conference
Compete at the WEMUN Expo Conference

Request more information for complete itinerary!



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August 1

Students have the option of travelling with the Program Director from Boston, Massachusetts or departing from their local airport to Beijing International Airport (PEK). Students arrive in Beijing no later than 8:30PM local time. Please contact the Program Director if you would like him to purchase your airfare for you.
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August 1-3

Beijing is the political capital of China and its history spans over 3,000 years. Students will tour the Forbidden City, explore Tian’anmen Square, make dumplings with a local family in the Hu’tongs, shop at the Pearl Street market, enjoy a Kung Fu show and much more.
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Aug 3-6

For over ten years, the WEMUN Expo has brought together thousands of students from around the world and across China. The conference is unique because it is co-hosted by many international universities, including Oxford, McGill, Boston University, the University of Pennsylvania, Cornell, and others.
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August 7

Our sightseeing will conclude with the Great Wall, where students will take a cable car to the top of the Mutianyu section of the Great Wall before walking down.

Departure to US or Xi’an Extension

Students not participating in the Xi’an extension program should book their flights back to the United States no earlier than 6:00PM on August 7th. Students on the Xi’an program will take a sleeper train to the ancient capital of China on August 7th.
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August 8-10

Xi’an is the ancient capital of China and the start of the Silk Road. Students will bike the perimeter of the ancient city wall, explore the Muslim Quarter, and of course visit the world-famous terracotta warriors.
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August 11

We will return to the United States on August 11th. Students booking their own flights should schedule their departure from Beijing International Airport no earlier than 6:00PM.


The All-American Model UN Program to the WEMUN Expo in Beijing, China is an all-inclusive program that takes the worry away for the most memorable experience. Summer programs to China and India include all of the following, plus more!

Round-trip Airfare Booking


Remote Training

Conference Fees

4-Star Hotel


All Meals


24-Hour Supervision & Contact

Application and Qualifications

Students applying to the All-American Model UN team should have a consistent performance of excellence, not just in Model United Nations but also academically. We will assess each candidate on an individual basis and not against one another. Students should use their application to illustrate their strengths and progress throughout high school.

  • Students must have at least of two years of competitive Model United Nations experience and must have participated in at least two conferences
  • The best candidates will have placed (been awarded a Best Delegate, Outstanding Delegate, or Honorable Mention) in a high percentage of conferences attended.
  • Experience hosting a conference or chairing a Model UN committee looked favorably upon, but not required.
  • Exemplary understanding of parliamentary procedure including: moderated debate, motions and points, resolution writing, and voting procedure.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Ability to thoroughly research advanced matters of international affairs, both in the present and past.
  • Leadership experience either in Model United Nations or comparable co-curricular activities
Qualifying Model UN Conferences
The All-American Model United Nations program endorses outstanding Model United Nations conferences and organizations across the United States to promote Model UN excellence. The conferences listed have been chosen for their emphasis on student experience, academic quality, and level of competition. Students earning an Honorable Delegate, Outstanding Delegate, or Best Delegate award earn pre-qualification standing when applying to the All-American Model UN delegations. If you are a conference organizer, please contact us if you are interested in becoming an endorsed conference and allowing your students to earn pre-qualification for the All-American MUN teams.

  • Harvard Model UN (HMUN)
  • Ivy League Model UN Conference (ILMUNC)
  • Yale Model UN (YMUN)
  • Model UN at the University of Chicago (MUNUC)
  • North American Invitational Model UN (NAIMUN)
  • UC Berkeley Model UN (BMUN)
  • Stanford Model UN Conference (SMUNC)
  • USC Model UN (TrojanMUN)
  • Washington Area Model UN Conference (WAMUNC)
  • Chicago Invitational Model UN (CIMUN)
  • Boston Invitational Model UN (BosMUN)
  • Johns Hopkins Model UN Conference (JHUMUNC)
  • University of Michigan Model UN (MUNUM)
  • Rutgers Model UN (RUMUN)
  • Princeton Model UN Conference (PMUNC)
  • Cornell Model UN Conference (CMUNC)
  • Brown Simulation of the United Nations (BUSUN)
  • William and Mary High School Model UN (WMHSMUN)

Application Deadline: April 15, 2020








Student Seats Available


Acceptance Rate


Award Rate after All-American


Students Accepted into Ivy League or Similar Schools


“Being an All-American has changed my life. I have learned so much, not only about MUN, but also about the world, history, politics, and even about people. If you want that life changing experience, apply for this program– I’ve been on three trips and have never been disappointed.”

Rose Jacobs, All-American 2015

Walter Payton College Prep, Columbia University 2020

“Working with Frank, the All-American Director, and my All-American teammates was the highlight of my high school experience. While I learned a TON about how to win Model UN awards, more importantly, I was able to immerse myself in new cultures and learn about the world.”

Bobby Hobart, All-American 2016

Bay School of San Francisco, Dartmouth College 2020

“Dropped into a group of fellow high school Model UN scholars, I got to know the people who I now consider some of my closest friends over the hours of traveling, touring, and having fun. Upon arriving in Beijing, we began our whirlwind tour of the city and surrounding area, and at least for me, the culture and people were far more interesting and exciting than the sites themselves. Don’t be mistaken, I have seen few things as beautiful or intricate as the art that covers many Chinese historical sites, and the Great Wall is perhaps the most magnificent structure I have had the opportunity to see.”

Kevin Ford, All-American 2012

Ridgefield High School, Northwestern University 2016


Airfare ExpenseVaries on Departure City
Xi'an Terracotta Warriors Extension+$950
Payment Details & Options
  • Tuition payment due to finalize enrollment
  • Payment plans available for 3-, 6-, and 10-months
  • Checks, money orders, and credit cards accepted
Scholarships and Aid
  • Financial Assistance available in acceptance package.

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Over 55% of our students participate on multiple travel teams with All-American Model UN. We work hard to make our programs as affordable as possible, especially for students who participate in multiple programs!