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Frequently Asked Application Questions

When should I submit an application? What are the deadlines?

You can submit an application at any time. We review applications as we receive them and send out acceptance packages accordingly. There are no strict deadlines for our travel programs; you can reserve a seat on any team until that team seat limit is reached.

Generally speaking, if you plan to participate on a summer team, please submit your application prior to March 15th. For fall teams, please submit before September 1st. For spring teams, please submit by December 1st.

Do I have to win a gavel to be accepted?

No! We judge Model UN experience by first considering your school and which conferences you attend. We’re not looking for gavel hunters– we’re looking for students committed to improving their researching, debating, writing, and diplomacy skills.

What if I only have one award? Will I still be considered?

When in doubt, submit an application! There is no single test we use to determine acceptance. We also take into account your academic performance and leadership skills.

Do you only accept US citizens? Do I have to live in the United States to apply?

We accept students regardless of citizenship, nationality, or ethnicity. We have had several students on our teams that are not US citizens. Provided you do not mind competing as an All-American, we would love to have you on our teams.

I received a letter from you in school. What’s that about? Am I automatically accepted?

We send out about 350-400 invitation letters each year to students who have won awards at Major and Mid-Major conferences. You received the letter because we’d like you to apply to the All-American Community! But an invitation letter does not necessarily guarantee acceptance.

Are the additional questions really optional?

Yes, not answering the additional questions will not hurt your application; however, submitting answers to the optional questions can improve your application. They’re there only to strengthen your application.

Can I update my application if I win a new award?

Yes, you can update your application by emailing [email protected].

If I’m not accepted, can I reapply?

Yes! Anytime you have new information that improves your application, we will reconsider it.

How soon will I be notified of my application decision?

We try our best to review applications and notify students of our decision within one week. If you do not hear from us within a week, please email us to ensure we’ve properly received your application.

Will you require or consider any additional information?

For some students, we may ask for a teacher recommendation, writing sample, or interview.