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YMGE Specialized Committees

Ok, so I’ve spent a lot of time talking about crisis committees, specifically the Cabinets and Councils at YMGE. But what happens if you’re in one of the Specialized Committees? It’s still important for you to understand how the Cabinets and Councils function so that you be actively engage with the rest of the conference. But let’s say you ignored me and jumped right to this lesson! Ok, cool, here we go.

How do the Specialized Committees work?

In addition the Cabinets and Councils at YMGE, the conference runs an interesting combination of Specialized Committees, such as a national parliament, NATO, European Central Bank, and others. The Specialized Committees will also operate in the same “universe” as the Cabinets/Councils, but their work will focus on pre-defined topics, in addition to the occasional crisis update.

Typically, Specialized Committees at YMGE more closely mirror traditional Model UN committees. They tend to be larger than the Cabinets and Councils, without being intimidating or overcrowded. Specialized Committees will have approximately 20-60 delegates in each committee, with the exception of the Brussels Press Corp, which tends to be smaller.

In 2017, YMGE will run the European Commission, European Central Bank, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), Congress of Deputies of Spain, and Brussels Press Corp. Each of these committees will stay intact throughout the whole conference and will not reshuffle into other committees.

Specialized Committees at YMGE, with the exception of the Press Corp, will focus on a pre-assigned topic and will write in draft resolution format. But don’t worry, because Specialized Committees are also expected to take part in the overarching crisis during the conference as well.


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