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YMCA Model United Nations Conference II

The YMCA Model United Nations II Program (Y-MUN II) is a loose interpretation of the United Nations in New York City. During the Y-MUN II conference (January 13th-15th, 2017), middle school students (or delegates) participate in three distinct simulations.

Y-MUN II Conference Information

Y-MUN II Conference Details

Conference History
Although the committees at Y-MUN II are not exact simulations of the United Nations, the intent of the program is to provide delegates with the opportunity to experience the debate and problem solving that occurs at the United Nations in an atmosphere that promotes respect for people of differing views. In order to create this environment, Y-MUN II features several diverse components to challenge participants and expand their perspectives and world-views.
Committee Info
  • ICC
  • General Assembly
  • Nation Building

Registration Prices

(you are also paying for the hotel fee in this) $290 per student (four students per hotel room)

$315 adult (double); $365 adult (single)

Y-MUN II utilizes the local YMCA for competition and debate..
Past Delegation Award Winners
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