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World Humanitarian Improving Society Model United Nations

WHISMUN is a Model UN conference hosted by the High School for Enterprise, Business, and Technology in Brooklyn, NY. WHISMUN is proud to bring a local conference opportunity for tri-state area students to exercise their debate skills and discuss pressing global issues.

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Conference History
Model UN veterans are familiar with the tremendous impact that MUN has on a student’s academics. MUN provides students with an awareness of the world they live in as they explore the diverse issues debated in diplomatic circles every day. It also helps build self-confidence and public speaking skills, essential life skills regardless of whether the student enters the diplomatic corps.
Committee Info
(UNHCR), (UNEP), (UNCCD), (WHO), Security Council (CRISIS)
Registration Prices
$20 delegate fee
WHISMUN utilizes the Grand Tree Campus high school for competition and debate.
Past Delegation Award Winners
not reported