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Workshops for Building Model UN Programs

Learn How to Your Model UN Team or Program to the Next Level with Proven Training and Organizational Building Techniques



Welcome to the All-American Model United Nations workshops program! In 2018, we tapped a few of our outstanding alumni to become All-American Ambassadors. Each Ambassador is responsible for strengthening the Model UN community in their state. One of the ways that we can help is by offering to organize free after-school or weekend workshops!

Each workshop has a different goal and takes on different forms. Some of our workshops are simulations designed to test particular Model UN skills, while other are more traditional classroom-style presentations to reinforce research and solution building skills.

General Assembly Bloc Leadership

Description: General Assembly committees (GAs) are the heart of almost every Model UN conference. Delegates must combine many different skills to succeed in large committee settings. In the General Assembly Bloc Leadership workshop, students will learn how to form, managed, and lead a bloc. In addition, this workshop reviews GA tactics, general strategy, and ways to become a more confident delegate. Finally, students will be charged with sharpening the skills necessary to succeed in GAs, such as the author’s panel, lobbying for votes, procedure, and more.

Outcomes: By the end of the General Assembly Bloc Leadership workshop, students will be able to:

  • Form and manage large blocs;
  • Command the committee room with formal speeches;
  • Gain increased confidence by practicing various GA scenarios;
  • Give speeches with substance and creativity;
  • Vary speaking styles and speech format;
  • Understand GA strategy and adapt to change environments;

Duration: One Hour

Crisis Arc Construction

Description: Crafting creative, realistic crisis arcs can be the most troublesome part for delegates. The Crisis Arc Construction workshop will teach delegates on how to write proper, effective crisis notes and how to work with other delegates in committee to create more impactful crisis scenarios. Workshop leaders will review several simulations and challenge delegates will different scenarios. This workshop is best for a small group as it relies heavily on personal feedback.

Outcomes: By the end of the Crisis Arc Construction workshop, students will be able to:

  • Create compelling, realistic crisis by balancing front-of-room activities and crisis notes;
  • Use crisis arcs to demonstrate leadership in committee;
  • Writing effective crisis notes that will get responses from crisis rooms;
  • Pass directives by using their crisis arc to their advantage;
  • Respond more quickly to crisis updates;

Duration: One Hour

Pre-Conference Solution Creation

Description:  Delegates undervalue the importance of pre-conference research and solution creation. Research separates great delegates from the average. Armed with insightful knowledge and analysis can separate your performance from others. Remember, the goal of every Model UN committee is to develop realistic solutions. Workshop leaders will guide delegates through the best ways to research, what to look for, how to use information, and how to develop solution sets. 

Outcomes: By the end of the Crisis Arc Construction workshop, students will be able to:

  • Begin researching for Model UN conferences using a solutions-oriented approach;
  • Research more efficiently, saving hours of pre-conference preparation;
  • Incorporate unique research into speech construction;
  • Use their research in committee without having to flip through a three-inch binder;
  • Use a solutions-based approach to writing position papers.

Duration: One Hour

How to Book Workshops

All-American Workshops are led by our team of Ambassadors and are 100% free. We ask that you provide a classroom or other meeting space for the workshop to take place. To book your free workshop, please email [email protected] with potential dates and any questions you may have.

For a longer training commitment, professional training, or coaching for a specific Model UN conference, please refer to our Coaching and Tutoring page or email [email protected].