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What’s Next for the All-American Class of 2019?

Written by Benjamin Knight

June 4, 2019

What’s Next for the All-American Class of 2019?

With the end of the academic 2018-19 school year comes the momentous, yet bittersweet graduation of several beloved All-American delegates. These students now become the newest members of the lucrative, highly connected All-American Model UN alumni network. All-American Model UN being an extremely driven group of high school students, it follows that all our graduates are now going on to pursue higher education at world-renowned universities and to strive for prestigious career aspirations after that. So, what plans does the All-American Class of 2019 have for after high school? While not all graduating seniors are included, here are a few graduates and their take on their futures, post-All-American Model UN:


Cecilie Johnsrud (WEMUN EXPO 2018, YMGE 2018)

Cecilie is choosing to take a gap year in Norway. The program combines outdoor exploration, volunteer work, and language immersion. She plans to spend the majority of the year hiking, skiing, and rock climbing across Norway. During the month of November, her group travels to Kenya to visit the program’s sister school. Afterward, Cecilie will be attending Wellesley College in Massachusetts. She plans to major in International Relations and is considering a minor in Mathematics. Cecilie is still deciding between a career in business or diplomacy, but she would love any job that would allow her to travel the world.


Maheen Safian (YMGE 2018)

Maheen is sad to end her career as a Model UN delegate in the legendary Long Island, NY circuit, but excited to continue pursuing her interests in college. There, she will be majoring in Global Affairs along with Political Science, and definitely plans to join the university MUN club. Maheen admits that she’s been looking forward to joining the collegiate Model UN circuit ever since freshman year. This summer, she’ll be working as an intern for NY Legislator Al Krupski in addition to Southampton Town Attorney James Burke.


Brian Johnson (Diplomacy Academy 2018, YMGE 2018)

Brian Alexander Johnson is a rising college freshman from Robbinsville, New Jersey. Next year, he will be attending American University for a double major in International Studies and Arabic. During college, he is hoping to stick to what he loves with Model UN and Debate; while broadening his horizons through their dozens of art electives and countless extracurricular clubs and sports! Out of university, he hopes to work as a foreign specialist, consultant, or commentator, and even run for public office.


Casey Ocasal (Diplomacy Academy 2018, YMGE 2018, HMCE 2019)

Casey is thrilled to have just graduated from The Madeira School and to be attending the University of Virginia, where she plans to double major in English and either Business or International Relations. In addition to continuing her Model UN career, she hopes to get involved with UVA’s student newspaper, the Cavalier Daily. Casey also plans to study abroad in Granada for a semester so she can continue to master the Spanish language. She is currently writing a book that she plans to publish sometime after college.


Eric Yao (Diplomacy Academy 2018, WEMUN Expo 2017, HMUN India 2017, YMGE 2018, HMCE 2019)

Eric Yao is a graduate from Thomas Spring Wootton High School who has enrolled in Rutgers University’s Honors College for the School of Arts and Sciences in New Brunswick, New Jersey. From a young age, Eric has seen the effects of climate change in his community and felt an urgent need to change current policy to some the issue. Through his Model UN career in high school, he has discovered a passion for both environmental and energy policy that he plans to further by majoring to fill a career path as an environmental and carbon-free energy advocate in Congress.

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