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What Your MUN Outfit Says About You

According to Forbes, it takes 7 seconds for someone to form their opinion about you. At a Model UN conference, you want to make a good first impression, and what you wear is a massive part of that. Here is my take on what your committee outfit says about you to others, and what style choices should be avoided as a result:


Bowtie or Colored Jacket

At school you are most definitely the class clown. You likely strive to be the funny member of the committee who comes up with funny acronyms for resolutions or uses humor in your speeches. Personality is certainly a good thing in terms of making yourself known; however, if you want to be taken seriously in committee, save the bow tie for the last day (or don’t wear it at all). You don’t want to be dismissed as the joker with nothing substantive to contribute to the debate. And if you are wearing a bow tie, make sure you know how to tie it correctly.


Red Lipstick

If you’re a lady who walks in with a red lipstick, people will know you mean business. Red is a power color, and wearing a red colored lipstick will show that you arrive with the intention of being a powerful delegate. I always wear red lipstick on the first day of committee in order to ensure that I’m taken seriously for the rest of the conference. If you are wearing a red lipstick, then make sure it is long lasting: you don’t want messy makeup to take away from your speeches or contributions to committee.


Flag Pin

You’re researched. You’re prepared. You’ve been anticipating and preparing enough to order a pin online prior to the conference. I think that flag pins are great no matter your committee size, as it helps people to remember who you are and demonstrates enthusiasm for the conference. A willingness to engage in the topic matter and represent your assigned country with pride is something that undoubtedly draws in your chair’s attention.


High Heels

You’re confident, and serious, but you also take fashion seriously. If you are short (like me), then heels are the way to go in order to be at eye level with your fellow delegates. Just make sure that you have a pair of equally fashionable flats for when your feet start to hurt during a long unmoderated caucus. Take caution, though: wearing heels is only acceptable if you can walk appropriately in them. Stumbling around, falling, hurting yourself or others, and/or eventually ending up barefoot are all things that will take away from your substantive performance in committee.


All-American Model UN Pin

You’re serious. You know it. I know it. Everyone knows it. You love Model UN. And you are good at it. Applications are open for All American Model UN, apply today at https://allamericanmun.com/apply/ so that you can roll up to committee with an All-American Model UN pin.

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