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Welcome Letter from the UNMOD Editor

Written by Kaitlyn Saldanha

April 13, 2019


Welcome Letter from the UNMOD Editor

Dear reader,

My name is Kaitlyn Saldanha, and I’m the Editor-in-Chief of All-American Model United Nations’ UNMOD The Magazine, a monthly publication created by Model UN people, for Model UN people.

UNMOD strives to reflect the larger goals of All-American Model UN– the education and engagement of high potential students in an activity that teaches personal accountability, group collaboration, public speaking, rigorous debate, and nuanced leadership.  

Within the past two months, we’ve revamped UNMOD with a new team of editors and writers, rebranded content categories, streamlined communication between writers and administrators, and instilled an invigorated energy to push UNMOD towards its highest potential.

My vision for UNMOD rests in two concepts: the curation of high-quality content and the expansion of our reach to more students across the country and the world. The production of substantive, high-quality articles with actionable advice will always be our top priority. Each issue will have a theme that links the articles together. We promise not to publish fluff to fill pages; we curate relevant content from a variety of diverse angles and writer perspectives to produce timely debate tips, commentary on trends within the Model UN sphere, profiles on up-and-coming teams and conferences, updates on the happenings within the All-American Model UN community, and editorial opinion pieces that address the broader implications of Model UN as a growing, increasingly globalized activity.

While high-quality articles must stay as the organization’s top priority, my personal mission as Editor-in-Chief is to ensure the delivery of UNMOD to high potential Model UN students across the world. I aim to heighten the exposure of All-American Model UN’s teaching to a broader audience to amplify its effect.

UNMOD’s success in these goals relies on the engagement and connectivity of the Model UN community as a whole. I encourage you to engage with UNMOD! Join as a writer, apply to be an editor, or submit your own letters to the editor or other articles for publication. If nothing else, tell your Model UN friends, share it with your school’s club, forward the link to your school’s Model UN team advisor, talk about it at conferences you attend, and post about it on social media. UNMOD represents a critical component of All-American Model UN’s mission, and I welcome you to join us!

Visit allamericanmun.com/unmod to see our latest issue and find out more information! For all business inquiries pertaining to UNMOD please contact [email protected].

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