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WAMUNC prides itself on its committees. They combine a comprehensive list of traditional and innovative committees alike; everything from General Assembly committees like DISEC and Legal to creative committees like GM Board of Directors, 2009 and The New York Times Editorial Board. With 24 committees, they have something for every delegate.

WAMUNC Conference Information

HMUN Conference Details

Conference History
The Washington Area Model United Nations Conference (WAMUNC) is a four-day exercise in diplomacy, international affairs, and global knowledge. WAMUNC prides itself on being one of the premier high school Model United Nations conferences in the world. WAMUNC’s uniqueness lies in its high quality simulations as well as its geographic location in the heart of the American capital. WAMUNC is located just outside Washington, D.C. and is fully staffed and sponsored by The George Washington University.
Committee Info
  • First Committee: Disarmament and International Security
  • Third Committee: Social, Humanitarian and Cultural
  • Fourth Committee: Special Political and Decolonization
  • Sixth Committee: Legal, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (Novice)
  • Organization of American States
  • United Nations Environmental Programme
  • World Health Organization
  • Council of Europe
  • FIFA Council: World Cup on the Horizon
  • Historical General Assembly
  • War Council of Ra: The Fall of Egypt
  • Court of Henry VIII
  • Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons
  • Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority
  • Board of Directors
  • JCC: New World Order
  • The Color Revolution: Brazil’s Presidential Cabinet
  • Japan at Sunrise: The Meiji Restoration, 1868
  • Bloody Sunday: The Irish Republican Army, 1972
  • The Circus: British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6)
  • United Nations Security Council
  • U.S. Office on War Information
  • Ad Hoc Committee of the Secretary General
Registration Prices
Early: June 1 – November 1
  • Delegate Fee (per delegate): $75.00
  • Faculty Advisor Fee (per faculty advisor): $50.00
  • School Fee: $50.00.
    • Delegate Fee (per delegate): $80.00
    • Faculty Advisor Fee (per faculty advisor): $60.00
    • School Fee: $100.000
    WAMUNC utilizes Marriott Wardman Park’s many luxury business rooms for competition and debate.
    Past Delegation Award Winners