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Like in the real International Bank, country’s voting rights are based on the amount of shares held by the country. One vote for each share of the Bank’s capital stock held by the member, plus basic votes, calculated so that the sum of all basic votes is equal to 5.55 percent of the sum of basic votes and share votes for all members.

You can find a full list of shares held, and voting percentages here

Country No. of Votes % of Vote
United States of America 385,233 15.48%
United Kingdom 94,776  3.81%
China 119,363 4.80%
Turkey 26,374  1.06%
France 94,776  3.81% 
Saudi Arabia 67,236 2.70% 
Russian Federation 67,236 2.70%
New Zealand 10,492  0.42% 
Micronesia  1,210 0.05%
Japan 193,708 7.79% 
Republic of Korea  39,806  1.60% 
Italy 64,103 2.58%
Islamic Republic of Iran 35,694 1.43%
Indonesia 23,762 0.96% 
Germany 101,705 4.09%
Spain 47,537  1.91%

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