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UNMOD The Magazine is Looking for a Managing Director and Editors!

Written by Sarah Schwartz

October 23, 2022

UNMOD The Magazine is Looking for a Managing Director and Editors!

Do you like Model UN? Do you like writing? If so, we want you to join the UNMOD team! We are currently seeking a Managing Director and Editors to support the mission and efforts of UNMOD.

Role Information

Managing Director

This person will be responsible for managing the creation and production of UNMOD as a whole. They will be tasked with finding and training writers in the All-American writing style, managing article creation and publishing, as well as coordinating communication with and between UNMOD staff writers and editors.

This role will segue directly into a future opportunity to become the Editor-in-Chief of UNMOD, based on performance as the Managing Director.


Editors are responsible for assisting writers with creating articles and reviewing draft articles for style, content, and grammar. Editors are incredibly important to ensuring the output of UNMOD is consistent and well-done. Editors will also have the opportunity to contribute to UNMOD by writing articles for the publication.

How do I Join?

Please fill out this application:

UNMOD Managing Director and Editor Application

If you are selected to continue in the process, you will be sent an interview request.

Please direct any inquires to [email protected]

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