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Kaitlyn Saldanha


My name is Kaitlyn Saldanha, and I am the Editor-in-Chief of UNMOD The Magazine. I took over this publication in early 2019 and it has played an integral role in my life ever since. My work with All-American Model UN began at the conclusion of my sophomore year in high school. Since then, I have competed at top-tier Model UN conferences in four countries with Frank, our Director, as my coach and mentor. My extensive involvement with this company demonstrates my intense love for debate and geopolitics. I recently graduated from The Blake School in Minneapolis, and will soon depart from the Midwest to attend Barnard College of Columbia University in the City of New York next fall. There, where I plan to study International Economy and Linguistics, I hope to sustain my involvement with Model UN on the collegiate travel team as well as through conference administration work. 

Gab MacKay

Director of Communications

Hi, I’m Gab MacKay and I am the Communications Director of UNMOD the Magazine. I’ve been involved in Model United Nations for the past four years, serving as my high school club’s publicity coordinator, vice-president, and president. I also competed with All-American for the last year and a half and fell in love with the people and organization itself, so UNMOD was a natural next step. I am a freshman at American University studying International Studies and I hope to further my Model UN career with AU’s award winning team. When I’m not doing something Model UN related, you can find me writing in some capacity, dancing, or attempting to solve a murdery-mystery cold case.

Steven Boehm

Director of Projects and Outreach

Hi! My name is Steven Boehm and I am the Project and Outreach Manager of UNMOD the Magazine. I’m very excited to be bringing some new projects to our magazine, such as our new MUN Quizzes. I’ve been in Model UN since my freshman year and now serve as Director-General of my team. I’m also a member of the All-American Model UN team, where I have had the best experiences and met my best friends. Outside of MUN, I am a major musical theatre geek and I love trying new experiences and rewatching the same four shows. 

Andrew Sojka

Production Manager

Hi! My name is Andrew Sojka, and I am the Production Manager of UNMOD, the Magazine. I’ve been involved in Model UN since middle school, and currently serve as Co-Secretary General of my high school team. The UNMOD has given me the chance to combine two of my favorite interests: Model UN and journalism! I’m the Editor-in-Chief of my school paper and the reporter on school news for my town’s local newspaper, the Monocacy Monocle. When I’m not doing MUN or writing an article, you can find me hiking, listening to a podcast, or binge-watching a new show on Netflix.

Olivia Fratangelo

Editorial Editor

Hi, my name is Olivia Fratangelo and I am the Editorial Editor for UNMOD the Magazine. I have worked with UNMOD since December and was recently promoted to editorial staff and I have enjoyed every minute of it. I have been involved with All-American Model UN for the last year, having attended All American’s Boston Diplomacy Academy and Yale Model Government Europe Lisbon 2019. Besides Model UN, I am also involved in theater, choir, and mock trial. I am currently a junior and aspire to pursue a career in tech law.

Samantha Rodriguez

Community Editor

Hi everyone, I’m Samantha Rodriguez and I’ve been in Model UN for about 5 years now. Model UN has taught me that if I want something I need to stand up for it, but all-American taught me that Model UN can make you life long friendships. I am currently the community editor for UNMOD magazine and going into my senior year of highschool. I am also the co-President of my High school Model UN club and was Under-Sec Gen of International Christian School MUN 2019. My love for international relations started in Costa Rica, when my mother would visit her family, it made me realize that there is a whole world of unexplored Cultures as well as Inter-country relationships. I hope Model UN gives you those experiences as well.


Ashley Vincenzo

Profile Editor

Hi! My name is Ashley Vincenzo and I am the Profile Editor of UNMOD Magazine. I am a rising first year at Georgetown University’s Walsh School of Foreign Service from Long Island, NY. I have been involved in MUN since eighth grade, and have made it a large part of her high school career and wish to do the same in college. I have really enjoyed my experience with UNMOD, especially interacting with various people and organizations with the profile section. Outside of MUN, I really enjoy finding new coffee shops or places to eat and listening to music.

Benjamin Knight

Feature Editor

Hello, my name is Benjamin Knight, and I’m the Feature Editor for UNMOD the Magazine. I’ve been involved in Model UN for about five years, and in that time, I’ve competed and won awards in a variety of committees and taught others about Model UN. Since the Spring of 2019, I have also been involved in various capacities with UNMOD. While I have experienced much of what exists in Model UN, there is always more to do and learn. Outside of Model UN, I am very interested in Latin and Classics.

Collin Dwyer

Staff Writer

Hi! My name is Collin Dwyer and I’m a rising Junior at the Latin School of Chicago. I started Model UN the summer before my freshman year and have loved it ever since! I play chess, lacrosse, cross country, and (though I am still learning) occasionally the Ukulele. I joined all American the summer before sophomore year and have gone a handful of trips with the team since then. I love Crisis and GA equally, and will soon be a chair for GLOMUN. I love writing articles for UNMOD as a way to share my experiences with Model UN and learn more about the community. I encourage you to join as well, it’s a ton of fun!

Mauricio García Gojon

Staff Writer

Hi, I am Mauricio García Gojon. I am originally from Monterrey, Mexico but I recently graduated from Portsmouth Abbey School in Rhode Island and am attending the University of St. Andrew’s next year to study International Relations. I joined the All-American team in my sophomore year in high school and started writing for UNMOD the year after. I love crisis committees; I’ve done everything from the College of Cardinals of 1521 to Cold War Committees to a futuristic Space Security Council. I am looking forward to continuing Model UN in college and also will be staffing this year’s PACMUN.

Andy Han

Staff Writer

Hey guys! I’m extremely excited to be one of your staff writers this year! I fell in love with Model UN in high school and it quickly became integral in my passions. UNMOD has given me an unbelievable platform to share my experiences and advice with other passionate delegates, and I am forever grateful for this opportunity! Gavels all day!

Holden Lamberson

Staff Writer

Hey there! I live in Chicago, and I’ll be a Junior in high school this fall. I’ve been participating in Model UN conferences since my freshman year, and I’ve been on the All-American Model UN Travel Team since August 2019. I’ve competed in MUN conferences nationally, internationally, and, more recently, online. I really enjoy the competitive atmosphere and the collaborative aspects of MUN. I’m a Staff Writer for UNMOD, where I get the opportunity to share what I’ve learned about Model UN so far. I’m also Head Chair of the ECOFIN Committee for the upcoming GLOMUN. I’m an avid history buff, who enjoys computer science, skiing, and playing acoustic guitar, tennis, and golf in my spare time.


Natalie Melms

Staff Writer

Hi! My name is Natalie Melms and I am a Staff Writer for UNMOD. I’ve been competing in Model UN for the past four years. I joined All-American MUN as a senior in high school after attending the Diplomacy Academy. Currently, I attend the University of Minnesota where I serve as Simulations Coordinator for the Model UN Team.

Oludayo Olufowobi

Staff Writer

My name is Oludayo Olufowobi and I am a fourth year law student at the University of Lagos. I am fiercely interested in international humanitarian law and policy-making; hence my active participation in Model United Nations since 2017. I am  passionate about youth participation in the Sustainable development goals and hope to be a global changemaker.

Maheen Safian

Staff Writer

Hey! My name is Maheen, and I’m a currently an incoming sophomore at Hofstra University and recently elected as vice president of their MUN club! I’ve been a part of All American since high school, and gaveled at YMGE 2019 with the AA travel team, I’m a staff writer for UNMOD who focuses on collegiate MUN, the Long Island circuit, and committee strategy. I love to discuss and connect students passion for MUN to transferable, meaningful skills outside of the club.

Joel Shapiro

Staff Writer

My name is Joel Shapiro and I am a rising first year student at Boston University after spending four years at Thomas S. Wootton High School. I have been an avid member of All American MUN ever since my first year of high school. Throughout high school, I served on the executive board of Wootton’s Model UN team and became Secretary-General my senior year of high school. I hope to continue MUN into college. When I’m not spending time researching random things on wikipedia, you can find me trying to finish my binge watch of the Simpsons (it’s been going on for a few months now because of the 31 seasons) or some other show that I just started, running, biking, or, most importantly, sleeping.

Ryan Moorhead

Maulik Bairathi

Contributing Writer

Hi, I’m Maulik Bairathi and I am a contributing writer for UNMOD magazine. I am a rising senior in high school in Massachusetts. I have been a part of the All American MUN Travel Team since the end of my Sophomore year, and I have attended the summer academy and YMGE Lisbon. I enjoy GA and Specialized committees and I am hoping to continue Model UN in college.

Pierre-Jean Clausse

Contributing Writer

Hello! My name is Pierre-Jean Clausse and I am a contributing writer for UNMOD Magazine. I am a rising first year at King’s College London Faculty of Arts and Humanities. I am a former student at EIB Paris, an international school that fostered my interest in Model UN: it was a consequent part of my high school experience. I joined the All-American team at the end of my sophomore year in high school and started writing for UNMOD at the same time. Outside of MUN, I thrive to be an inclusive policy maker, a lobbyist and a civil society leader in my field!


Ryan Moorhead

Ryan Moorhead

Contributing Writer

My name is Ryan Moorhead and I am a rising Senior at Thomas S. Wootton High School and a Contributing writer for UNMOD magazine. I have been a part of MUN since my freshman year, serving as Undersecretary General and Director General, also joining the All American team in my Junior year. I have attended dozens of MUN Conferences and have loved every one of them. When I am not writing, competing, or researching, you can find me listening to music, practicing the viola, or camping with my Boy Scout Troop.

Ryan Moorhead

Laetitia Park

Contributing Writer

My name is Laetitia Park and I am a rising senior from northern New Jersey. I discovered Model UN in high school and have been pursuing it competitively for three years. Apart from being a delegate, I currently serve as the Director of Business for my school’s Model UN team and as one of the Under Secretary-Generals for an upcoming international virtual conference! Outside of Model UN, I love to travel, explore different cuisines, and binge everything Bachelor related. I am so thankful for the All-American Model UN organization for providing opportunities beyond the committee room and I hope to become a better writer through UNMOD!

Ryan Moorhead

Claudia Sung

Contributing Writer

Hi! My name is Claudia Sung, and I am a rising junior from Virginia. I am the founder and president of my school’s Model UN team. This year, I joined the UNMOD Magazine team as a Contributing Writer. Outside of Model UN, I like to read and visit antiquarian bookstores.

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