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Top Ten Reasons to Attend the Diplomacy Academy

Written by Aditya Iyengar

Model UN Director General, Tennis Varsity, Debate Team

March 5, 2018

Top Ten Reasons to Attend the Diplomacy Academy

The All-American Diplomacy Academy has been a wonderful part of my life for the past 3 years. First, as a student, then as the assistant director, and now, as the Director. As much as we can tell you about what the academy is, there is nothing like experiencing it yourself. Listing only 10 reasons was the hardest part about making this list. Hopefully I see some of you there! If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at [email protected]!

#10: The City of Boston!

Boston is just one of those cities that has a little bit of everything for everyone. The Diplomacy Academy puts you right in heart of Boston and is a key party of the identity of the Diplomacy Academy. A highlight of the Academy for everyone is the city wide photo-scavenger hunt!

#9: Learning Key Research Skills

Throughout the week at the academy, students will have the chance to research and write a paper about any topic which they enjoy. Throughout this process staff will be helping the students learn how to research, how to be effective, and become a much better writer. Hopefully by the end of the week the goal will be to getting every students paper published.

#8: Getting the College Experience

The Diplomacy Academy is run at Boston University. For the week that the diplomacy academy runs, students will get to experience to life and typical stay of a college student by staying in dorms, eating at halls, walking around campus, and getting quality education in state of the art classrooms.

#7: New Foods from All Over the World

Each night, the Diplomacy Academy winds down with dinner, group discussion, and a new cuisine! Our discussion topic will be tailored to region or country where the food comes from. Enjoy Mexican, Filipino, South Chinese, Japanese, and North and South Indian food!

#6: Travel Grant for All-American

Throughout the week, you’ll be challenged to meet certain milestones. Master a 60 second speech. Speak for three minutes without saying ‘um’ or ‘uh.’ Write a perfect clause for a draft resolution. Pass a procedure quiz. Students who successfully complete enough challenges get grants and discounts for All-American travel teams!

#5: Learn All Committee Types

The Diplomacy Academy is designed to teach you how to succeed to all types of Model UN committees. From General Assembly to Specialized to Crisis, you’ll be able to win awards in whatever committee you find yourself in.

#4: Teach Your Team

Once you finish the Diplomacy Academy, you’ll have the tools and resources to go back to your school team and train them. Schools that have multiple students complete the Academy tend to start winning delegation awards. Shout outs to Wootton (Outstanding Small at NAIMUN, Outstanding Large at WAMUNC) and St. Vincent-St. Mary (Best Small at WAMUNC).

#3: Training from an Elite Team

Everyone who helps out to run the Diplomacy Academy are all hand-picked by the founder. Each staffer will have years of Model UN experience under their belt with awards to back up their skills. Each staffer excels in a unique part of a Model UN committee to help train each student individually.

#2: New Friends

Being grouped with so many other students who all have similar interests and abilities just calls for friendships to be made for a long time. Speaking for myself, I still continue to talk to the friends I have made my very first time and continue to see them throughout various high school and college conferences. All American creates a very collaborative and team oriented environment to ensure for proper cooperation.


Duh! Isn’t that the goal? Most students that graduate the Diplomacy Academy will place higher at their next conference. Our goal is to guarantee that you leave the academy a much better delegate, speaker, and debater than when you joined. All-American provides the skills and the guides for success and dedication from all of its students.

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