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There is No Such Thing as the “Perfect Merger”

Written by Sam Robinson

October 17, 2023

There is No Such Thing as the “Perfect Merger”

In the dynamic world of Model United Nations (MUN), where diplomacy, negotiation, and international relations are simulated, one must recognize a fundamental truth: there is no such thing as a perfect merger. MUN, as a microcosm of global diplomacy, mirrors the complexities and imperfections inherent in international relations. Embracing imperfections is essential for success in the MUN arena.

Model UN embodies the real-world intricacies of diplomacy, where nations with differing interests, values, and priorities converge. Just like in the real United Nations, delegates in MUN committees bring their unique perspectives to the table. These divergent viewpoints can lead to disagreement and deadlock, illustrating that achieving a “perfect” merger of ideas or solutions is often unattainable. Delegates must navigate through imperfect solutions, finding common ground, and working towards consensus, when possible. 

One has to always approach the merger process prepared to give things up, prepared to make sacrifices. It is necessary to come to committee with solutions specifically designed to be sacrificed in a merger: “throwaway solutions”. This allows one to guide the merger process, give into the demands of other delegates, without sacrificing anything of any real importance. This false sacrifice allows one to demand sacrifice from others, truly shaping the final product of a weekend in committee.

From people vying for a position on the author’s panel, to demanding a place on the sponsor’s list, a merger is a perfect storm of personal interests. At the end of the day, the tiny clauses and subclauses and keeping them or deleting them really does not matter. It is not about ensuring all of your material stays in place. It is about leading the process while keeping one’s flagship solution. Moderating the negotiations, proposing compromises and personally sacrificing one’s “throwaway clauses” will propel one to the top of the merger pyramid. Get to the top through collaboration, not through stubbornness.

The concept of a perfect merger in MUN represents the essence of diplomacy, which is built upon the recognition of differences and the quest for peaceful solutions. It is through embracing imperfections and navigating through them that delegates prove themselves in committee.

The imperfect nature of mergers in Model United Nations reflects the intricacies and challenges of real-world diplomacy. Rather than seeking perfection, MUN participants should embrace imperfections as opportunities for growth, learning, and the development of essential diplomatic skills. Understand that there is always a bigger picture while merging. Do not get bogged down in the battles when there is a war to win.

As a social experiment, this article was written utilizing artificial intelligence. We pose this question to all our readers: what will AI do to Model UN?

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