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Frequently Asked Questions

We’re commonly asked the following questions about the All-American Model UN Programs. Hopefully, we can assist you by answering them here. If not, please always feel free to contact us directly!

Who can participate on an All-American Model UN Program?

Any high school student as of January 1 of the year of the program you are interested in. Despite our name, students from any country are welcome to apply for an All-American team. Applications are reviewed on their merits alone.

Are you actually selective when reviewing applications?

Absolutely. All All-American teams are chosen by merit. Students must have at least the minimum requirements for the delegation to which they are applying.

Can you clarifying how the one application works?

As of January 2016, students apply to the All-American Community. Once accepted, students have the option to join any travel delegation or summer program. Accepted students will be mailed all relevant information.

Are you a not-for-profit organization?

We are a social enterprise. We do not receive outside funding nor do we have advertisers. This is the only way that allows us to have full control over our curriculum. We believe in the power of social enterprises to make great change.

To be clear, no one does Model UN to make money. We do, however, have to make money on our programs so that we can continue to offer Model UN opportunities to students.

How do you determine the cost of tuition?

We rely on the tuition from our summer programs to keep us operating all year long. We try our best to keep tuition as low as possible, especially compared to other summer programs. On a per day basis, our tuition rates are less expensive than most non-profit organizations that host international programs.

Additionally, most of our costs are public information, such as hotel rates, airfare, and conference fees. We’d be happy to go over the economics of our programs with you!

Do you provide any financial aid?

Despite not receiving outside funding, we do still offer some financial assistance. It is impossible for us to give full scholarships and we try our best to meet our students’ needs. Financial assistance is awarded with respect to family income.

Are there any discounts?

Each year, we allocated over $45,000 in discounts, scholarships, and grants. We try to partner with conferences in the USA to offer discounted rates to their students. We’re always looking to expand our conference partnerships– please ask conferences you attend if they have a relationship with the All-American Model UN Program.