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Schools Program

Our primary objective in the Model UN and Model Government community is to encourage, promote, and strengthen schools. Together we can raise the level of skill, preparation, and debate.


We feel it is our responsibility to give back to the community which has supported us so generously. The All-American Model UN School Program is designed to elevate the level of Model UN skills in the United States. Like many people, we’ve noticed that a few top schools have come to dominate major conferences. This is our effort to help those schools with new or developing programs.

Benefits of being an All-American School

We’ve developed a number of ways in which becoming an All-American Model UN School can benefit your program. Here’s what we can provide:

  • Unlimited access to All-American Model UN online training tutorials and online courses;
  • Access to our simulation and background guide library set to release in January 2016;
  • Teachers will have Model UN lesson plans sent to their schools in September and January of each year;
  • Up to two custom workshops in your school per year;
  • Students will benefit from All-American Model UN School discounted tuition rates for international programs;
  • Free All-American Model UN consulting for hosting your own Model UN conference in conjunction with Education in Motion;

Additional Benefits for All-American Schools

All-American Schools also come with the following options for those schools that are interested. Click on an option title for more information.

Professional Development
As a part of the schools program, we will gladly assist in training school staff unfamiliar or new to Model United Nations. Being part of the Schools Program will allow your school to receive lesson plans for teachers to use to prepare their teams.

Some schools and teachers may wish to have more dedicated and personalized training. We offer a Professional Development program that allows teachers to learn coaching techniques through experience.

Phase I, Information Gathering: Our Program Director will work with your school and teacher to understand the goals and objectives of the Model UN organization.
Phase II, Timeline Development: The school teacher and Program Director will develop a timeline for implementation. Typically, we recommend choosing a conference for the school to attend and work with the teacher to coach and prepare students for the conference. The Program Director will also attend the conference with the school.
Phase III, Evaluation and Support: After the conference, the Program Director and school will evaluate the successes and failures of the development program according to the objectives set in Phase I. The All-American Schools Program will continue to provide support and resources for the school.

The fee structure of Professional Development will varying depending on the school and its objectives. For a free consultation, please contact [email protected]. The typical structure for a three month engagement is $40 per student plus travel and lodging during the conference.

Dedicated Saturday Training

We have developed a five-hour training program that the All-American Model UN Program can run at your school, typically on a Saturday. Schools may either use this event as a fundraiser, as exclusive training, or both. Our fee is $10 per student, $20 per teacher, and the cost of transportation.

Agenda of a Saturday Training Workshop

9.30-10.00: Registration
10.00-10.30: Welcome and Setting Objectives
10.30-11.15: How to Start the School Year
Activities: Setting Summer Objectives, First Semester Calendar, Choosing Conferences
11.15-12.00: Fundraising and Budgeting
Activities: Setting a Budget, Fundraising Strategies
12.00-12.30: Lunch
12.30-1.30: Creating a Research System
Activities: Preparing and Researching for a Model UN topic, Solution Based Research
1.30-2.30: Presenting, Public Speaking, and Debate
Activities: Formal Debate Techniques, Unmoderated Caucus Strategies, Working with Your Chair
2.30-4.00: Practice Simulation

International Conference Coordination

As school programs continue to develop, many look outside of the United States for new opportunities for their students. However, international programming can be complicated and overwhelming.

Members of the All-American Schools Program may work with us to organize their international trips. We provide assistance in booking travel, hotels, and tours and can customize your program however you may like, including having a member of our team travel with you!

We currently provide support for the following international conferences and programs:

  • Globe Model United Nations: Istanbul, Turkey (November)
  • Yale Model Government Europe: Budapest, Hungary (Thanksgiving Break)
  • Harvard Summit of the Americas: Rotating City- Latin America (March)
  • Yale Model UN Korea: Seoul, Republic of Korea (May)
  • WEMUN Expo, Beijing: China (August)
  • Harvard Model UN India: Hyderabad, India (August)
Conference Roster Consultation

With so many great Model UN programs and conferences available, it can be difficult to choose the right conferences for your school. We’ll work with you for no extra fee to design the right conference roster for you.

We follow a multi-step approach to designing conference rosters:

  • Step One: Defining Objectives and Constraints
    The conferences you should attend are defined by the objectives of your travel team. What is important to you: competition, academic quality, size, international schools? Many schools also face constraints such as travel distance and expenses.
  • Step Two: Review of Current Roster
    We’ll go through your current conference roster to understand what types of conferences you enjoy attending and which you do not.
  • Step Three: Recommendations
    After we have information about your program, we can begin to craft a new conference roster.
  • Step Four: Review and Repeat
    Our engagement will not end after our first set of recommendations. We’ll continue to provide support and feedback. It’s important to us that you’re satisfied with our work and we also want to know what you think of conferences for our Annual Conference Review.

How to become an All-American Model UN School

Alumni Membership

After a student has participated in an All-American Model UN Program, we will gladly extend free 1-year participation in the All-American Model UN School Program. If one of your students has participated on one of our programs, please contact us.

Applying for Membership

We want the process of becoming an All-American Model UN School to be as easy as possible. Please complete and submit this online application and you will be contacted by our team to finalize your registration.

There is a nominal yearly membership due of $150. This fee covers all of the printing and shipping costs, and additionally helps us work with only serious schools and programs. Programs may apply for a dues waiver if they meet any of the following conditions:

  1. If one of your students has participated in an All-American Model UN Program over the past three years, you qualify as an Alumni School.
  2. If you have received a sponsorship from one of our partner conferences;
  3. If your organization has yet to attend a conference hosted by a university or non-profit in the United States.

Apply to the Schools Program