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Running a Developing Model UN Club

Written by Sophia Alicea

March 9, 2022

Running a Developing Model UN Club

Congratulations! You have started your very own Model UN club, and you may be thinking, now what? You’ve gathered a group of people to make a set of rules and regulations that clearly define your objective. However, there is a significant distinction between covering the fundamentals and achieving manageable and consistent success. It’s not enough to reserve your favorite history teacher’s classroom for two hours after school for meetings; you need to fill every desk with engaged, connected people that are ready to listen and learn. You want the space — and the people in it — to be vibrant, dynamic, and, most importantly, productive. 

Avoid Doing All Of The Work Yourself

As the founder of your club, it will be incredibly tempting to do everything yourself. However, it is necessary to elect officers that you can trust for optimal quality. The most effective organizations assign board members clear roles and responsibilities. This allows them to concentrate on organizational budgeting and funding, competitive development, training, education, or any other need for a club, depending on size and accessible opportunities. It’s critical for the Secretary-General and their board members to resist the urge to micromanage club activities. Engaging a larger group of officers spreads out the labor and encourages more individuals to become invested in and supportive of the club.


Consistency, or the lack thereof, may very well be the deciding factor in whether your club succeeds or fails.

Most importantly, consistency builds predictability.

When the climate is predictable, you, your officers, and your members will perform at their best. Uncertainty and worry are caused by inconsistency. You must maintain a consistent demeanor in all settings.

To put it another way, when your team succeeds, you support them and encourage them to keep going. When your team isn’t performing well, you are supportive of their efforts and willing to resolve any current obstacles preventing success. Officers and students may be hesitant or even terrified to approach you if your replies are unpredictable or if you issue contradictory orders, which could lead to their resignation from Model UN. People are more engaged and satisfied when they know how you’ll respond and what to expect from you, which leads to increased productivity. Finally, consistency builds trust. As a successful Secretary-General, you must rely on your word. If you say you’ll do something, you must follow through. You must be present if you intend to meet somewhere. Keep in mind that your staff will often imitate the leadership behaviors you exhibit. If you’re late for a meeting or don’t show up at all, don’t be surprised if your officers and/or club members start acting the same way. Whether setting up workshops before conferences, training beginners and POs, or discussing current events, prepare to keep your promises, or don’t make them at all!

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