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Model UN Conference Rankings and Review

Goal of the Conference Rankings and Reviews

The primary goal of our conference rankings and reviews is to give US high school Model UN teams and organizations a valuable resources when selecting which conferences to attend. With only conference recaps currently available, the reviews and rankings we will provide starting in 2014 will give high schools unparalleled access to conferences across the country.

It is not our goal to persuade schools to attend a certain type of conference nor is it a goal of ours to influence the ways in which conferences are run. We have developed our methodology to exemplify key differences between conferences so that schools may find the best match to the experience they wish their students to receive.


We have broken our reviews of conferences into four major components: (1) Academic Quality (50%), (2) Transparency (20%), (3) Conference Experience (20%), and (4) Operations and Logistics (10%). You may read our full methodology explanation here.

Full Scoring Breakdowns

To read the full scoring breakdown and important information about each conference included in the 2014 Review, please go to our Download Page to get your own copy of the full 2014 All-American Model United Nations Conference Review.

US Model UN Conference Rankings

Conference Name Academic (50) Transparency (20) Conference Experience (20) Operations (10) TOTAL (100)
Appalachian State Model United Nations14-I11-I4938-I
Arizona Model United Nations341413869
Arkansas Model United Nations24166854
Baylor Model United Nations35157966
Berkeley Model United Nations402013881
Boston College EagleMUNC341110863
Boston Invitational Model United Nations Conference401311973
Brigham Young University Model United Nations3512-I8863
Brown University Simulation of the United Nations371311869
Bruin Model United Nations38149970
Gaucho Model United Nations High School Conference29-I137857-I
Central Texas Model United Nations32159965
Change the World Model United Nations361514974
Chicago International Model United Nations381213871
Clark High School Model United Nations Conference31115855
Columbia Model United Nations Conference and Exposition381311870
Cornell Model United Nations Conference421715680
Dartmouth Model United Nations391410871
Duke University Model United Nations Conference361310867
Earlham College Model United Nations381511872
GatorMUN University of Florida411510874
Georgia Southern University Model United Nations 24-I 14 7 8 53-I
Georgia State Model United Nations Conference26-I14-I7855-I
Georgia Tech Model United Nations4011-I7866-I
Great Lakes Invitational Model United Nations28167859
Harvard Model United Nations391617981
Hope College Model United Nations2610-I7851-I
Houston Area Model United Nations34127861
Indianapolis Model United Nations21-I137849-I
International Institute of Buffalo Model United Nations25-I155853-I
Iowa High School Model United Nations251610859
Ivy League Model United Nations371215670
John Hopkins University Model United Nations Conference421515880
Kennesaw State University Model United Nations3411-I5858-I
Kutztown University Model United Nations Conference25137853
Lake Erie International Model United Nations3212-I6858-I
Maine Model United Nations Program393-I9960-I
McKenna Model United Nations421410874
Metro Kansas City Model United Nations29138858
Michigan State University Model United Nations341512869
Mid American Model United Nations17-I1910854-I
Mid-Atlantic Simulation of the United Nations 36 19 6 8 69
Mid-South Model United Nations2111-I6846-I
Mississippi Model Security Council28-I10-I5851-I
Model United Nations at the University of Chicago441415982
Model United Nations Chapel Hill371511871
Model United Nations Illinois381413873
Montana Model United Nations31184861
National High School Model United Nations431313978
North American Invitational Model United Nations Conference461917991
North Texas Invitational Model United Nations Conference23-I6-I4841-I
Northwestern University Model United Nations411311873
Old Dominion Model United Nations Conference331610867
Pennsylvania High School United Nations Conference33176864
Philadelphia Model United Nations391613875
Princeton Model United Nations Conference411513877
Regional High School Model United Nations391812877
Rutgers University Model United Nations421813982
Seton Hall University Model United Nations3010I7855I
Southeast Michigan Model United Nations21I10I5844I
Southern United States Model United Nations37169870
Southwest Florida Model United Nations16I187849I
Stanford Model United Nations Conference351611870
Tallahassee Southern Model United Nations2813I4853I
UNA Rochester Model United Nations239I8848I
University of Alaska Model United Nations2294844
University of California Irvine Model United Nations279I8852I
University of Central Florida Model United Nations KnightMUN37159869
University of Connecticut Model United Nations401010868
University of Delaware Model United Nations HenMUN371310868
University of Georgia Model United Nations Conference3511I12866I
University of Michigan Model United Nations371412871
University of Virginia Model United Nations401413875
Vanderbilt University Model United Nations381210868
Washington Area Model United Nations Conference401213873
Washington International Relations Conference32149863
Washington University Model United Nations Symposium421511876
Washington State Model United Nations31128859
William and Mary High School Model United Nations411715881
Yale Model United Nations341913874

I = Incomplete; we indicate where we could not ascertain enough information to complete a category. Categories and Conferences with an I appearing next to their score should therefore be considered incomplete.

Bold & Blue = Conferences that participated in our conference survey

Note: If we felt unable to provide an accurate review of a conference due to lack of available information, we omitted the conference from our listings.

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