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Open Letter to Model UN Freshmen

Written by Angela Kim

January 3, 2022

Open Letter to Model UN Freshmen

Dear Model UN freshmen,

Welcome! Whether you’ve been involved since fifth grade, or it’s your very first year, high school Model UN is going to be an exciting new adventure. Before you get started, we have some advice. Take it from us– Model UN can start out tough but becomes a rewarding activity unlike any other. 

1. Be Proactive

Your head delegate, captain, or Secretary-General will take you as far as they can, but in the end, how hard you try is up to you. Take every opportunity there is to learn, even if it feels unnatural. Signing up for every conference, participating actively in drills, spending time building nuanced solutions: these are things that you need to do for yourself. To succeed in Model UN, you must take your improvement into your own hands.

2. Be Aware of Awards, But Don’t Let Them Consume You

Yes, awards in Model UN exist, yet so many high-potential novice delegates fall victim to the thought of a gavel that it hinders their overall success. Striving for Model UN excellence is good; obsession over awards to add to your resume is not. It can be frustrating not to win awards immediately, but sticking with Model UN despite initial losses is worth it.

3. Ask For Advice

Club leaders, experienced members, and even conference staff are there to help you! First of all, asking your Chairs for feedback is a great tool, as they observe you in committee firsthand. Applying their notes to your next conference can be transformative to your performance in the future. Second, reach out to your school’s head del/captain/leadership board members whenever you need help. Never underestimate how willing we are to help you. Model UN leaders care deeply about our activity and do whatever we can to inspire and guide the next generation of delegates.

And remember, like all things, Model UN takes practice. Don’t get discouraged if things don’t go perfectly. As all of us are former freshmen ourselves, we get it. Keep going because Model UN is a special community, and we’re happy to have you join us.


Model UN Veterans


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