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Online Model UN, Globalized: Open Letter from MUNIVERSAL 2020 Secretariat

Dear future changemaker,


The start of the decade has brought upon tough challenges for the world today, and the impact they had will forever change the course of the human race and how we seek to advance in the future. The impact of the Coronavirus paved the road for an economic recession and a sociopolitical crisis. Millions of students around the world are facing an uncertain situation on whether they will be able to continue their education or not, and our ever-connected world suddenly feels isolated and broken down. Now, in these times of crisis, is when our job becomes clear: as the youth of today, we need to understand that we are not only the leaders of the future but also today. We are the ones that have an option to make an impact and a change, to lead the world out of the crisis we live in and with the technology in our hands.


We launched MUNIVERSAL in the spirit of deriving universality of our world and societies.


We created this Model United Nations conference with the distinctive intent of student education and empowerment. MUNIVERSAL’s existence–particularly right now, in the circumstances of a global pandemic–proves that our world can withstand crises with sustained advancement and connectivity.


In the first edition of MUNIVERSAL, we practiced adaptivity by leveraging technology to create a powerful delegate experience. The goal for that conference was to make it accessible for everyone from any socio-economic background to be able to join so we went ahead with a free application fee. Our first conference held more than 400 delegates from all continents of the world in addition to holding Dozens of PR members from more than 40 countries. We were also capable of attaining 11 different partnerships from all over The Americas, Europe, Asia, and the MENA Region. Through these accomplishments, our conference was sponsored by a high ranking university that gifted all of our best delegates $5,000 scholarships!


MUNIVERSAL unites students from 5 continents in a symbolic demonstration of global togetherness and cross cultural exchange. 


This year, we are stepping into the Americas region to further our mission of spreading education and preaching global connectivity. We welcome you to join us on the 27th of June to debate nuanced global issues; we, as a human race, must collectively discuss transnational solutions to international issues in order to reduce human suffering and bolster cross-cultural understanding. You can now join us as student officers or delegates! Visit universalmun.com to apply.


Deadline for Delegate and Delegation applications: June 23

Follow us on Instagram: instagram.com/muniversal2020

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