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New Look, New Resources, Continued Excellence!

Written by Frank Pobutkiewicz

I'm the founder/Managing Director of the All-American Model UN Programs! If you have any questions, please email [email protected]. Happy MUNing!

July 17, 2017

New Look, New Resources, Continued Excellence!

Hello Delegates, Parents, Teachers, and Friends,

Welcome to the new-look All-American Model United Nations website! My team and I have been working diligently for the past several months to design an intuitive, easy-to-navigate, and most importantly, informative website for your Model UN needs. I hope that the new, fresh look of our website will add to your experience here at allamericanmun.com!

Of course, the cosmetic change means little without understanding the reason behind it

For over six years, our All-American delegations have traversed the globe, winning delegation awards in China, India, Budapest, Latin America, and Washington D.C. Clearly, we were onto something. Then, last year, we launched our first training program in Boston, the Diplomacy Academy, which has a mission that goes beyond Model UN training.

In January, I formalized our financial commitment to our students with our new Financial Assistance Program, and this summer alone, gave out over $20,000 in financial assistance to our students. For our up-coming trip to Budapest in November, I recently announced our Full Grant Sweepstakes, which will give up to $4,400 in free grant money to winners.

Now is the time for All-American to repay, engage, and provide even more value to the high school Model UN community as a whole. The new All-American Model UN website features completely free online courses; each week a new course will be published. We will also be publishing a new editorial series, discussing issues facing the MUN community each week.

The new MUN Portal will continue to be developed to have new features. In addition to being able to apply to the All-American team, users can keep track of their awards, take Model UN and UN themed quizzes, and request a national ranking. Using a statistical analysis, we can now approximate individual percentile performance based on awards won at conferences. The goal of the individual ranking is to allow students to succinctly and efficiently demonstrate their performance on college applications and scholarship applications– in effect, we want to help legitimize Model UN and help students gain the recognition they deserve.

For conferences, we want to help support and grow your programs. Model UN conferences are the heartbeat and backbone of our community. Starting in September 2017, all Model UN conferences, whether hosted by colleges, high schools, or non-profits will be able to take advantage of all of the following for no cost:

  • Publish conference announcements, recaps, secretariat introduction, and committee features directly onto the All-American Model UN website– no need to wait for approval, write your article, add pictures, and publish directly from the MUN Portal
  • Have feature articles written about conferences and their Secretariats, including YouTube interviews
  • Display ads on the All-American Model UN website– for free!
  • Get conference shout-outs and announcements, such as registration openings, on the All-American Model UN email newsletter and social media feeds

With these new efforts, our goals are twofold:

  1. Grow and support the high school Model UN community in the United States.
  2. Help to legitimize Model UN as a serious academic activity, and help colleges to recognize the skills and value that Model UN participants can bring to universities.

I look forward to working with you all in the very near future. All-American Model UN is here to be a resource for all those wanting to improve as students, delegates, and teachers. Don’t be afraid to reach out!

Frank Pobutkiewicz
All-American Model UN Director
[email protected]

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