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The MUN Stories project is a collection of narratives that explore the personal world of Model United Nations. Any student, teacher, parent, or Model UN community member may submit a MUN Story for publication. While we won’t accept anonymous submissions, we will publish MUN Stories as anonymous with the author’s instruction.

The goal of MUN Stories is to build empathy in the Model UN community by sharing personal experiences, allowing others to connect and examine their own Model UN experiences.
For so many that have participated in Model UN, the activity cultivates relationships and creates memories that have a far greater impacts than any one speech, conference, or award. MUN Stories wants to share those stories for reflection, celebration, or introspection.
The MUN Stories project will go beyond the typical Model UN topics and will highlight struggle, elation, mentorship, relationships, friendships, and loneliness. The goal is not to lecture or advise but to share and connect.



MUN Stories is an open platform meant for anyone who wants to tell their own story. We hope to publish every story that is submitted, provided that it fits our editorial guidelines.
While contributors can write about any Model UN experience, we hope to cover the following questions:
  • Why did you start participating in Model United Nations? Why is it important for you to continue?
  • What has been the most important Model UN experience for you?
  • What has been the most demotivating Model UN experience for you?
  • Who have you developed a unique relationship with through Model United Nations?
  • What’s your favorite Model UN memory and why?
Submissions should tell a specific story. Real names of individuals should be replaced for privacy. Submissions that defame, mock, or insult will not be accepted. Submissions must be a minimum of four hundred (400) words and no more than two thousand (2,000) words. We request that the author provide a high definition picture to be published with the story.
To submit your story, please email [email protected]

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