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Independent Model UN Delegate Series

Welcome to the second installment series on Unmoderated Caucus. Many of the issues we try to address are too complex to address in a single post. To better answer questions, give advice, and share our opinions, we will be introducing weekly series that will focus on these complicated topics.

The second series will address an issue which many delegates find themselves facing: “How can I perform at my best even though my school team is not competitive, or alternatively, does not have a Model UN program?” Being an all star on a mediocre team can be tiring and frustrating, and the situation is compounded if your school provides no support at all. In this three part series, you’ll read first hand recommendations from All-American Model UN alumnus Soven Bery (United America 2013, All-American Model UN 2014).

  1. Don’t Panic: Start by Improving Yourself
  2. Fly Solo and Find the Best Model UN Conferences to Attend
  3. Compete with Strong Independent Teams, Then Improve Your School’s Program