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  • How to Write Clauses for a Draft Resolution in Model UN - Hooray! You've made it through the first session at a Model UN conference! Hopefully, your committee has chosen a topic, and you've gotten a feel for what types of ideas other countries in your committee have. At this point, competitors can start formally writing out solutions, known as clauses.  A clause is a written instruction… Continue Reading
  • Djibouti Council of Ministers 2021 - Background Djibouti sits at a critically important strategic point in the Horn of Africa. Its main port, the Port of Djibouti, lies on one of the busiest trade routes in the world-- about a third of all merchant ships travel through or near its waters every day. Djibouti emerged as an independent country in 1977,… Continue Reading
  • A Return to In-Person Model United Nations - ORIGINAL DATE: May 4, 2021 Dear Students, Parents, Teachers, and Alumni, The return to the classroom is well underway across the United States. Nearly 45% of the US adult population has received at least one dose of a COVID vaccine. The FDA will consider an application by Pfizer for approval of its vaccine for 12-16… Continue Reading
  • Will Model UN Survive COVID19? Here are the Chances - The following article is a sneak peek of the type of content you can expect to find in Gavel Drop, All-American Model UN's new weekly newsletter. Sign up for free to get hot takes about Model UN, education, travel, and relationships from the All-American Model UN Director each week. Two words will soon begin to… Continue Reading
  • Virtual Model UN Transition During COVID-19 - UPDATED: March 3, 2021 ORIGINAL DATE: May 22, 2020 Dear Students, Parents, Teachers, and Alumni, I hope that you and your families are keeping well during the coronavirus crisis. Without a doubt, the global pandemic has dramatically reshaped the world from daily life to life plans. All-American Model UN began adjusting to the wake of… Continue Reading
  • Four Keys to Success in Model UN and Beyond - The multi-disciplined and multifaceted natures of Model United Nation makes Model UN a compelling and addictive activity. Much like a sport like football, baseball, or basketball, participants must master a number of different skills in order to succeed: public speaking, writing, research, negotiations, interpersonal dynamics, time management, self-drive, and more. The combination of hard skills… Continue Reading
  • Why I Refused to Scale All-American Model UN - Over the past two days, I’ve spent many hours working with one of my students to craft this college admissions essay for Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service. In the eight years that I’ve owned and operated All-American Model United Nations, I’ve likely read over close to a hundred essays answering the same prompt that Georgetown… Continue Reading
  • How to Choose a Summer Program for High School Students - The debate over how high school students should spend their summers continues to grow louder. The Boston Globe ran an article entitled Summer Fun Takes a Back Seat to College Resume-Building, outlining some of the more extreme options and positing traditional summers are losing ground to enrichment activities. It is a trend on which I… Continue Reading
  • What Does it Mean to Design a Model UN Committee for Impact? - After being selected to chair or direct a committee at a Model UN conference, many people immediately begin thinking about what UN committee, agency, IGO, or national cabinet they should simulate. Chairs often will choose committees and topics that they share a connection with, whether through family, interest, or study. From there, it seems a… Continue Reading
  • Why Great Model UN Conferences Become Garbage - Most Model United Nations conferences in the United States follow the same macro patterns. Unfortunately for conferences, you have to observe them in periods longer than four years, not coincidentally the same expected time to finish undergraduate studies in the United States. Conference experience rises and falls in predictable increments if you pay attention. A… Continue Reading

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