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  • Associate Program Director Application - Job Description All-American Model United Nations is looking for an experienced, student-focused Associate Program Director to help lead the organization to the next level. This position is a part-time role for someone to work directly with our students to prepare them to compete at Model UN conferences. Depending on the size of each of our… Continue Reading
  • August Travel Team Information Session - Register for our Virtual August Travel Team Information Session to learn about All-American Model UN travel team updates. Starting in September 2023, we will transition from an open-acceptance model to a cohort model. We will also be merging the US and international travel teams to create one travel team. Accepted travel team members will train… Continue Reading
  • Model UN Explained: How Model UN Develops Hard Skills and Soft Skills [Parent’s Article] - Model United Nations provides students with an opportunity to develop a range of hard and soft skills that will serve them well both in their academic careers and in their future professional lives. One of the most important hard skills developed is research and analysis. In preparation for a conference, students must become experts on… Continue Reading
  • Why Parents Should Support an Education with Model United Nations - Model United Nations (Model UN or MUN) is an educational simulation of the United Nations where students role-play as delegates from various countries and engage in simulated debates and negotiations. It is a powerful tool for learning and growth that every parent should encourage their children to participate in. First and foremost, Model UN helps… Continue Reading
  • Beta Test Our New Model UN Platform: Model UN Coach! - All-American Model UN is excited to introduce a new online community and learning platform we call Model UN Coach. Model UN Coach is a platform for high school delegates and teachers. We'll be moving our monthly Masterclasses to this platform. We’ll also publish weekly Model UN and international relations lessons, all free! Before we open… Continue Reading
  • The Great Restart: Rebooting, Restarting, and Reenergizing your Model UN Team after COVID - Model United Nations underwent a stress test for two years to see if our community could endure a pandemic-induced global lockdown. Forced onto our screens, Model UN conferences and teams adopted to the new reality with marked determination to continue. High school and college seniors alike were not ready to abandon their teams and committed… Continue Reading
  • Conference Roster Announcement for 2022-2023 - Continue Reading
  • 2022 Model UN Summer Academy Scholarships - After two years of pandemic-adjusted Model UN, the start of the 2022-2023 school year will largely be the great restart of Model United Nations. Most conferences will return to in-person, with hundreds or thousands of students once again returning to conferences, hotels, and college campuses. The next year represents a great opportunity for the Model… Continue Reading
  • TechMUN XXIX Registration - Esteemed Sponsors and Head Delegates, The TJMUN Secretariat is excited to invite you to the 29th iteration of TJHSST’s annual conference, TechMUN XXIX. As of February 27th, TechMUN XXIX will take place IN-PERSON on Friday, April 29th and Saturday, April 30th, 2022 at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology. We will be hosting… Continue Reading
  • WUMUNS 2023 Conference Announcement - Hello, On behalf of the Washington University Model United Nations Symposium (WUMUNS) Secretariat, I am thrilled to invite you and your delegation to WUMUNS XV, while be held from September 30th to October 2nd on the Danforth Campus of Washington University in St. Louis. Please check out our website, as well as the information below, for more information about… Continue Reading