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Bobby Hobart

Bio: Robert L. Hobart III, or Bobby, is a senior at the Bay School of San Francisco. His first Model UN trip was to Russia, and ever since that point, he has been hooked. Outside of MUN, Bobby enjoys reading about U.S. foreign policy; being on stage in his school’s theater productions; playing on his school’s varsity lacrosse team; and those rare, beautiful Sundays when the Oakland Raiders win. If he could give any advice to MUN newcomers, it would be to never, ever panic—but if you must panic, don’t let anyone else know. Have a question? Just want to chat? Let me know! [email protected]llamericanmun.com

  • Alliance of Small Island States - Background The Alliance of Small Island States, or AOSIS, is an international coalition of small-island and coastal countries that work together to solve collective development challenges and environmental concerns. The forty-four member states of AOSIS form an informal, ad hoc lobby at the United Nations, and work together to combat the most prevalent issues faced… Continue Reading
  • Ten of My Favorite Things to Pack for Model UN Conferences - The pen is mightier than the sword, as the expression goes. That goes without saying at most major conferences, as having a sword in your possession during debate would likely be in violation of the delegate code of conduct. But nothing screams "international diplomacy" like holding a large broadsword to your opponent's jugular vein. Note:… Continue Reading
  • Crushing the Game Outside of Committee: A Beginner’s Guide - Welcome to NAIMUN/HMUN/ILMUNC/MUNUC! The first committee session is drawing to a close, but delegates are still buzzing around the room during unmoderated caucuses creating WhatsApp groups and email chains. And while the delegate dance doesn't happen for a couple of days, connecting with other delegates to work outside of committee is critical to success at more… Continue Reading
  • Choosing MUN Conferences As a Smaller School - For schools that have 40-plus regular attendees to MUN club meetings, choosing which conferences to attend can be easy. With enough kids, you can sign up for every single conference in your area and fill an entire delegation. A pack of hyper-competitive power delegates rounds out the rookies on your roster, and the odds of… Continue Reading
  • Introducing Bobby Hobart, Alumni Associate for the West Region - Hello! My name is Robert Hobart III, also known as Bobby, and I'm honored to be working with All-American Model United Nations this year! I truly believe that MUN has been the most important extracurricular experience of my high school career, teaching me effective public speaking, leadership, and negotiation strategies. It also goes without saying… Continue Reading

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