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MUN Hangouts

Get All Your MUN Questions Answered!

Starting in October 2016, join our Google Hangout each week to discuss your Model UN questions. Whether you are new to MUN, preparing for a conference, or just want to listen in, MUN Hangouts will become your go-to destination.

MUN Hangouts bring together delegates and our experienced coaches to answer questions and give tips you may not find anywhere else.

Conference PrepStrategyBuilding Your Team
Have a conference coming up and need some last minute advice? Tell us your committee and assignment and we’ll help to point you in the right direction for research. 
Want to know how our coaches would handle your conference assignment? Ask us and we’ll let you know! We love talking committee strategy!
Running and Model UN club takes a lot of hard work and time. Ask us how we’ve built our organizations and how you can grow your team. 


New Topics Every Sessions

Each MUN Hangout will have a different topic that our coaches and mentors will cover. Still, if you have a question not related to that topic, we’re more than happy to answer it!

Fall Schedule (all times in Eastern Time)

October 5, 8:00PM: Planning What Conferences to Attend

October 18, 8:00PM: How to Train Your School Team

November 3, 8:00PM: Strategies for Large Committees

November 16, 8:00PM: Crisis Committee Strategies

November 29, 8:00PM: Resolution Writing

December 15, 8:00PM: Preparing Speeches for Formal Debate

Can’t make a MUN Hangout? No problem! We’ll be recording each session and uploading it to our YouTube channel!