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Hi everyone, welcome to the brand new MUN Coach podcast. My name is Frank Pobutkiewicz, I’m the Director of All-American Model UN, and I’ve been coaching and teaching students Model UN for over seven years. I started this podcast to help bring our teaching and training material to even more people. Whether you’re a MUN newbie, a seasoned veteran, or a faculty advisor, I hope that I can add some value and insight into your Model UN experience.

Every week, I’ll be published a new episode of MUN Coach. You can expect each episode to have four segments:

  1. In the News- a brief overview of one current international affairs news events with questions for further discussion.
  2. UN Deep Dive- every week, I’ll discuss and explore a different aspect of the United Nations with the goal of expanding your UN knowledge base.
  3. Model UN Strategy Session- I’ll be sharing tips and strategies that I’ve been teaching my students so that you can perform better at Model UN conferences
  4. MUN Exercise- an exercise that you or your team can use during weekly meetings to improve your MUN skills.

Listen to MUN Coach on your way to school, during a free period, or as a way to kick off your club meetings!

On Episode One: the disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi, the founding of the UN, how to set your Model UN conference calendar, and how to better prepare for conferences by focusing your research on solutions.

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