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Model UN Summer Program

Spend a one or two weeks in Boston, Massachusetts with students from around the country learning about International Politics, Diplomacy, and Model United Nations!

Stevenson Diplomacy Academy

The Stevenson Diplomacy Academy is the US training program for the All-American Model UN Programs. Students can opt for one-week or two-week commitment during the summer. Those opting for two weeks will develop and original research project and write an academic journal article.

Each day, we will train students in our step-by-step approach to improving at Model UN, and we will teach them how to consistently win awards at major US Model United Nations conferences. Our training covers research, position papers, General Assembly and ECOSOC simulations, and crisis committees.

Benefits of Attending

Learn how to research and develop policy positions, master different forms of debate, structure and write stronger draft resolutions, and win awards!


Learn Research and Develop Policy Positions

We’ll show you how to research and define policy positions regardless of what country you’ve been assigned to represent.


Structure Powerful Resolutions

Learn how to better structure, write, and represent draft resolutions at conferences so that you emerge as the bloc leader


Moderated Debate Techniques

Practice different moderated caucus techniques and strategies so that you can deliver a powerful 30-second and 45-second speech


International Exposure

Meet friends, mentors, and teachers from around the world. Begin to build your international network in one jammed packed week.


Unmoderated Caucus Strategy

Learn about different strategies for creating and directing the biggest blocs during unmoderated debate


International Relations Education

Research and prepare an academic project on a topic of your choosing. The best projects will be selected for publication.