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Model UN is Not Just for Humanities Students

Written by Steven Boehm

June 4, 2019

Model UN is Not Just for Humanities Students

Model United Nations is an activity that involves debate, presenting ideas, and producing solutions to problems. This may sound like something that would mainly benefit students interested in certain fields, such as language, philosophy, history, and international relations; however, the techniques, skills, and lessons learned through Model UN provide a student with skills that can be applied to all sorts of majors, degrees, and career paths.



The STEM field is a perfect example of a field with Model UN related aspects. In Model UN, a delegate must be able to present and defend their ideas and be open to compromise. Similarly, a STEM will have to present the findings of an experiment, answer related questions, and defend the reliability and significance of the results. A strong background in high school Model UN will set a student up for success in the STEM field. Additionally, the topics found in Model UN stretch well into topics surrounding technology and science.



The business field is another great example of a field with connections to Model UN. In Model UN, it is essential to be able to confidently assert yourself and get your point across, while also remaining respectful and open to new solutions. A business major must also be able to learn how to make themselves heard while maintaining a professional attitude. Skills learned from Model UN allow a business professional to find success. Furthermore, the operational skills required to plan and host a conference directly correlate the budgeting, team leadership, customer service, and logistics skills needed to succeed in business.



A student looking to go into the medical field will also find connections to Model UN. In the medical field, it is essential to understand the proper ways to develop a plan quickly and command the attention of a room and convey your ideas. These important skills are also foundational in Model UN. A delegate is taught the principles of idea formation from the beginning of their delegate training. The delegate also learns the proper ways of obtaining the attention of a room in a respectful and professional matter. What’s more, important topics such as bioethics, responses to biological disasters, and more are commonplace at Model UN conferences and beyond. In fact, a new style of conferences modeled after the World Health Organization is gaining popularity.



Students pursuing education degrees will find the benefits of the Model UN applicable to their career path. A Model UN delegate has learned the proper ways of spreading their ideas throughout a group of people. The delegate would also have learned ways to command the attention of a room. When the former delegate moves onto their education career, these skills will allow them to successfully teach a class and maintain the attention of their students. Model UN skills will allow a former delegate to become a successful teacher.



One of the best examples of a career path that is benefited by a strong background is Model UN is the legal field. In a Model UN setting, one of the biggest factors that influences your performance is being able to defend your position. A delegate needs to debate the reasons why the position of the nation is the best one. A law career also implements these aspects in many ways. A good lawyer will be able to defend his or her client until the end of the trial. The lawyer will also need to ask questions and work in ways to make the judge and jury believe that the other party is in the wrong. Many lawyers have backgrounds in Model UN because of the strong background in debate that is taught to them.

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