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Model UN Conferences Hosted by Colleges

University Hosted Model United Nations Conferences

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Conference Types

  • Single/Double Day (SD): Single and Double Day conferences are typically local, small conferences
  • Academic (A):Academic conferences tend not to focus on awards or competitiveness, instead focusing on academic quality and teaching. Academic conferences can vary drastically in size and span 2 to 4 days.
  • Regional (R): Regional conferences span 2-4 days, attract at least 20 schools (usually, but not necessarily from the region), and host between 300-900 delegates. They may be competitive but do not attract the most competitive high school teams from outside their region.
  • Mid-Major (MM):Mid-Major conferences span 3-4 days, have at least 15 hours of committee time, host between 400-1400 delegates, and attract schools from not only the region in which they are hosted but also host schools from across the country and world.
  • Major (M): Major competitive US conferences generally have a few common characteristics: at least 1,500 participants, 4-days long, varying committee size from small (<25) to very large (>125), and attract schools from more than 10 states, as well as international delegations.

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Conference Name State Size Dates Type Website
Ivy League Model United Nations Conference ILMUNCPA 300January 26-29M?
Brown University Simulation of the United Nations BUSUNRI 900November 11-13MM?
Southern United States Model United Nations SUSMUNGA1000 January 26-29 A?
Mid American Model United Nations MAMUNMI500MarchA ?
World Humanitarian Improving Society Model UN WHISMUN NY150 February 3A ?
National High School Model United Nations NHSMUNNY3000MarchA ?
Change the World Model United Nations CWMUNNY850 March 17-19A?
YMCA Model United Nations Conference I YMCA-MUNPA1200January 6-8 A?
YMCA Model United Nations Conference II Y-MUN IIPA1200 January 13-15A ?
Philadelphia Model United Nations PhilMUNPA1000February A?
Berkeley Model United Nations BMUN CA1500March 3-5M ?
Yale Model United Nations YMUNCT1200 JanuaryMM ?
North American Invitational Model United Nations NAIMUNDC2600February 16-19M ?
Model United Nations at the University of Chicago MUNUCIL2500 FebruaryM ?
Harvard Model United Nations HMUNMA3000January 26-29M ?
Model UN of Alaska MUNA AK500 February 26-29 R?
Stanford Model United Nations Conference SMUNCCA1200 November 11-13 MM?
University of Connecticut Model United Nations UCMUNCT1000NovemberR ?
Washington Area Model United Nations Conference WAMUNCDC1200 March 2-5MM ?
Washington International Relations Conference WIRCDC300April R?
University of Delaware Model United Nations HenMUNDE300February 24-26R ?
GatorMUN University of Florida GatorMUNFL1500January 27-29R?
Florida International Model United Nations FIUMUNFL500March 10-12R?
Georgia Southern University High School Model UN ConferenceGA200FebruaryR?
Georgia State Model United Nations Conference GSUMUNGA500NovemberSM?
Chicago International Model United Nations CIMUNIL3000December 8-11MM?
Model United Nations Illinois MUNIIL1000March R?
Northwestern University Model United Nations NUMUNIL1500April R?
Boston Invitational Model United Nations Conference BosMUNMA1400February 10-12MM?
University of Massachusetts Model United Nations UMassMUNMA800March 10-12 R?
Boston College Model United Nations Conference EagleMUNCMA800March 17-19R?
John Hopkins University Model United Nations Conference JHUMUNCMD2000February MM?
University of Michigan Model United Nations MUNUMMI1200January 12-15 MM?
Michigan State University Model United Nations MSUMUNMI700 March 17-19R ?
Washington University Model United Nations Symposium WUMUNSMO500OctoberR ?
Duke University Model United Nations Conference DUMUNCNC1000February 16-19R?
Dartmouth Model United Nations DartMUNNH550AprilR?
Princeton Model United Nations Conference PMUNCNJ1200 DecemberM ?
Rutgers University Model United Nations RUMUNNJ1200 DecemberMM ?
Columbia Model United Nations Conference and Exposition CMUNCENY750January 12-15R?
Cornell Model United Nations Conference CMUNCNY700April 20-23MM?
Vanderbilt University Model United Nations VUMUNTN500 November R?
Mid-South Model United Nations MSMUNTN550February 12-19R ?
Central Texas Model United Nations CTMUNTX400April 23R?
University of Virginia Model United Nations VAMUNVA1400November R?
William and Mary High School Model United Nations WMHSMUNVA1400November 11-13 MM?
Old Dominion Model United Nations Conference ODUMUNCVA1000 February 16-19 R?
Arkansas Model United Nations AMUNAR750November 18-19SD?
Arizona Model United Nations AzMUNAZ1000March 17-18R?
Bruin Model United Nations BruinMUNCA1400November 12-13 R?
Gaucho Model United Nations High School Conference GauchoMUNCA350February 11-12SD?
McKenna Model United Nations McKennaMUN CA800April R?
University of California Irvine Model United Nations UCI MUNCA550May 27-28 SD?
University of Denver Model United Nations DUHSMUNCO100AprilSD?
University of Central Florida Model United Nations KnightMUNFL300NovemberR ?
Tallahassee Southern Model United Nations TSMUNFL300February SD?
Southwest Florida Model United Nations SWFLMUNFL300MarchSD ?
Miami Invitational Conference and Simulation of the United Nations MICSUNFL500April 14-16R ?
Georgia Tech Model United Nations GTMUNGA500October 11-12R?
University of Georgia Model United Nations Conference UGAMUNCGA300FebruaryR?
Kennesaw State University Model United NationsGA500March 24-25 SD?
Iowa High School Model United Nations IHSMUNIA500April ?
Earlham College Model United Nations ECMUNIL200January 27-28SD?
Indianapolis Model United Nations IMUNIN500March 16-17SD ?
Metro Kansas City Model United Nations MKCMUNKS100 April 5SD ?
YMCA Louisiana Model United NationsLA100December 2-4 A?
Wheaton College Model United Nations WCMUN MA200March 23-24R ?
SouthEast Michigan Model United Nations SEMMUNAMI800NovemberSd ?
Hope College Model United Nations Hope MUNMI100March 9-10 SD?
Mississippi Model Security Council MMSCMS150FebruarySD ?
Montana Model United Nations MMUNMT350NovemberSD ?
Appalachian State Model United NationsNC300November 10-11SD?
Seton Hall University Model United NationsNJ150FebruarySD ?
UNA Rochester Model United Nations UNARNY700November SD?
International Institute of Buffalo Model United Nations BUFFMUNNY300March SD?
Miami University Model United Nations Conference MUMUNCOH300March 12-13R ?
Kutztown University Model United Nations Conference KUMUNCPA100April SD?
Baylor Model United Nations Baylor MUNTX300October 29 SD?
North Texas Invitational Model United Nations Conference NTIMUMTX300MarchSD ?
Houston Area Model United Nations HAMUNTX300JanuarySD ?
Washington and Lee University Model United Nations WLUMUNVA300March 10-11SD ?
Washington State Model United Nations WASMUNWA300February SD?
Wisconsin High School Model United Nations WHSMUN WI300March 23-24R ?
Empire Model United Nations Conference EmpireMUNCNY100December 1-4R?
Mid-Atlantic Simulation of the United Nations MasMUNVA300FebruaryR ?
Temple University Owl Model United Nations Owl MUNPA160NovemberSD ?
Model United Nations at UC Riverside Youth Summit UCRMUNCA200MarchSD ?
UCSD Model UN TritonMUN CA400Apri 22-23SD ?
Brigham Young University MUN BYUMUNUT300OctoberSD?
University of Pittsburgh Model UN PittMUN PA300November 7SD?
University of Montana MUMUNMT350NovemberSD?
University of Colorado Model UN UCHSMUNCO100DecemberSD?
Great Lakes Invitational Model UN GLIMUNMI350Decembe 1-3rR?
Clark University High School Model UN CUHSMUNMA200November 19SD?
Syracuse's Central New York MUN CNYMUNNY500January 7-8SD?
Yeshiva University MUN YUNMUNNY600 February 12-14SD?
Alabama Model UN ALMUNAL250February 17-20R?
MIT Model UN MITMUNCMA750FebruaryR?
Global Classrooms Model UN UNA USA NYC GCMUN NYC NY400FebruarySD?
Global Classrooms Model UN UNA USA Chicago GCMUN ChicagoIL400MaySD?
Global Classrooms Model UN UNA USA Houston GCMUN HoustonTX400AprilSD?
Global Classrooms Model UN UNA USA Los Angeles GCMUN LACA200MarchSD?
Global Classrooms Model UN UNA USA Miami CMUN MiamiFL350UNFebruary?
Global Classrooms Model UN UNA USA Minnesota GCMUN MinnesotaMN400MarchSD?
Global Classrooms Model UN UNA USA Tampa GCMUN Tampa FL200AprilSD?
Global Classrooms Model UN UNA USA Washington D.C." GCMUND.C.300AprilSD ?
University of Oklahoma Model UN MUNSWOK700April 1-2SD ?
University of New Mexico Model UN NMMUNNM250JanuarySD?
USC Model UN TrojanMUNCA600October 27-30MM?
Florida High School Model UN FHSMUNFL500MarchA?
Model UN Chapel Hill MUNCHNC500 MarchR?
Crisis at Carnegie Mellon U C@CMUPA150MarchR ?
Oregon Model UN ORMUNOR400AprilSD?
York College of Pennsylvania High School MUN YCPHSMUNCPA150April 1SD ?
Eastern Kentucky University Model UN EKUMUNKY100AprilSD?
Model UN at UC Davis DMUNCCA400 May 27-28SD?
Youngstown State University YSU-LEIMUNMI 150 March 23-24SD?
Metro Detroit Model United Nations Conference MeDMUNMI250January 7SD?