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Model UN Caucus Motions

Model UN Caucus Motions

American Model UN has two types of informal debate styles called Moderated and Unmoderated caucuses. Understanding the benefits of each type will allow you to have better control of the flow of debate in your committee.

Moderated Caucuses

A Moderated Caucuses is a way to Suspend the Rules. Delegates may also raise a motion to “suspend the rules” to propose a moderated caucus. During a moderated caucus, the chair or another dais member will suspend the speakers list and choose people to speak for an specified amount of time.

“Motion for a ten-minute Moderated Caucus with a speaking time of 30 seconds.”

Here’s what you need to know about Moderated Caucuses:

  • Moderated caucuses can also be called a Suspension of the Rules;
  • Moderated caucuses usually have a topic specified, but speakers do not necessarily have to speak on the topic, unless otherwise specified in a conference’s rule set (most chairs get this rule wrong);
  • To make a motion for a moderated caucus, a delegate must specify a length of the caucus AND the length of speaking time;
  • The time of the caucus diminishes whenever a delegate is speaking; therefore, the length of the caucus does NOT have to be divisible by speaking time, though the dais generally looks favorably upon this;
  • Motions for a moderated caucus pass by simple majority;
  • There are no moderated caucuses in the United Nations;

Unmoderated Caucuses

An Unmoderated Caucuses is a way to Suspend the Meeting, and delegates may raise such a motion to propose an unmoderated caucus if they wish. During an unmoderated caucus, the chair will suspend the formal meeting for a specified period of time. During this time, delegates may informally caucus with each other or the dais.

The majority of resolution work occurs during unmoderated caucuses. They should never be seen as a “break.”

“Spain moves for a 15 minutes Unmoderated Caucus.”

Here’s what you need to know about Unmoderated Caucuses:

  • Unmoderated caucuses are a specific type of Suspension of the Meeting;
  • Unmoderated caucuses do not have any topic;
  • To make a motion for an unmoderated caucus, a delegate must specify a length of the caucus only;
  • Motions for an unmoderated caucus pass by simple majority;
  • There is no motion for an unmoderated caucus in the United Nations; however, delegates “caucus” with each other whenever formal debate is suspended. “Unmoderated caucuses” are referred to as “informals” or “informal meetings.”


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