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Model UN Ask Me Anything Episode 1: Understanding Model UN, College Admissions, and MUN without a School Team

Written by Frank Pobutkiewicz

I'm the founder/Managing Director of the All-American Model UN Programs! If you have any questions, please email [email protected]. Happy MUNing!

February 14, 2024

Model UN Ask Me Anything Episode 1: Understanding Model UN, College Admissions, and MUN without a School Team

The World of Model United Nations: Insights from the Experts

In the fascinating realm of Model United Nations (Model UN or MUN), the journey from a novice to a seasoned delegate involves much more than simply understanding the procedures. It’s about immersing oneself in global diplomacy, negotiation skills, and the art of problem-solving. The inaugural episode of MUN AMA, a segment of the Model UN Coach podcast, hosted by Frank Pobutkiewicz and Gabby MacKay, offers a treasure trove of insights and advice for students, parents, and teachers embarking on this enlightening journey.

Frank Pobutkiewicz, the founder and director of All-American Model UN, and Gabby McKay, the Program Director, bring years of experience to the table, having navigated the Model UN world from their high school days to professional coaching. Their podcast serves as a guiding light for those intrigued by the complexities and opportunities within Model UN.

One of the central themes discussed is how to get involved in Model UN when your school doesn’t offer a program. The hosts underscore the importance of starting small, leveraging local and online resources, and the potential benefits of joining established organizations like All-American Model UN for training and competitive experience. This proactive approach emphasizes the accessibility of Model UN to passionate individuals, regardless of their school’s offerings.

Frank and Gabby demystify the activity for those new to Model UN, explaining that it’s not centrally organized and highlighting its role as a negotiation and solution-based simulation. They walk listeners through the general assembly and crisis committee formats, shedding light on Model UN conferences’ dynamic and varied nature. This segment is particularly valuable for parents and teachers unfamiliar with the activity, offering a clear understanding of what students do in Model UN.

Much of the discussion also concerns Model UN’s impact on college admissions. The hosts articulate how Model UN can enrich a student’s college application as an extracurricular activity and a platform for showcasing leadership, problem-solving skills, and a commitment to global issues. They encourage students to present their Model UN experience as a narrative highlighting personal growth and achievements.

Moreover, Frank and Gabby delve into the importance of balancing in-depth research with effective communication and solution-building. They introduce listeners to the coaching philosophy of All-American Model UN, which includes research and preparation, pattern recognition, advocacy, and emotional intelligence. This holistic approach underlines the multifaceted skills Model UN participants develop, extending beyond academic knowledge to include interpersonal and strategic thinking capabilities.

The episode concludes with an invitation for questions and engagement from the audience, promising a series dedicated to exploring the nuances of Model UN. For students, parents, and teachers alike, MUN AMA offers a unique opportunity to gain expert insights into an activity that shapes future leaders by fostering a deep understanding of diplomacy, global challenges, and the art of negotiation.

In sum, the MUNAMA podcast stands as a beacon for the Model UN community, offering guidance, inspiration, and a deeper appreciation for the transformative power of Model United Nations.

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