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Member of Parliament Nauru

Written by Frank Pobutkiewicz

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December 16, 2019


Member of Parliament Nauru

ConstituencyMemberPartyFactionMinister Portfolios
Aiwo ConstituencyMilton DubeNon-partisanGovernment
Aaron CookNon-partisanGovernmentCommerce, Industry & Environment; RONPhos; Nauru Rehabilitation Corporation
Anabar ConstituencyRiddell AkuaNaoero AmoGovernment
Ludwig ScottyNon-partisanGovernment
Anetan ConstituencyCyril BuramanNon-partisanGovernment
Marcus StephenNon-partisanOpposition
Boe ConstituencyMathew BatsiuaNon-partisanOpposition
Baron WaqaNon-partisanGovernmentPublic Service; Police & Emergency Services; Foreign Affairs & Trade; Climate Change
Buada ConstituencyShadlog BernickeNon-partisanGovernmentPhosphate; Nauru Utilities Corporation; Telecommunications
Roland KunNaoero AmoOpposition
Meneng ConstituencyvacantNaoero AmoGovernment
Lyn-Wannan KamNon-partisanGovernment
Squire JeremiahNon-partisanGovernment
Ubenide ConstituencyDavid AdeangNaoero AmoGovernmentFinance & Sustainable Development; Justice; Eigigu Holdings Corporation; Airline
Russ J. KunNon-partisanOpposition
Gabrissa HartmanNon-partisan
Ranin AkuaNon-partisanGovernment
Yaren ConstituencyKieren KekeNaoero AmoOpposition
Charmaine ScottyNon-partisanGovernmentHome Affairs; Education and Youth; Land Management

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