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Iowa High School Model United Nations

Each spring, the Iowa High School Model United Nations organization hosts a large scale conference for high school students. This conference is held on the University of Northern Iowa campus. Students attending this conference model the procedure of the United Nations in New York City, but in a slightly modified format.

IHSMUN Conference Information

IHSMUN Conference Details

Conference History
IHSMUN Delegates show a high level of academic excellence and global awareness. Their resolve to create innovative solutions to international problems and dedication to diplomacy is essential in our interconnected society, and serves as a shining model for our policy makers of tomorrow.
Committee Info
  • Political and Security
  • Social, Humanitarian and Cultural
  • Disarmament
  • Security Council: Legal 1, Legal 2
Registration Prices

$40 school fee

$15 delegate fee

IHSMUN utilizes University of Northern Iowa campus for competition and debate.
Past Delegation Award Winners
not reported