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Introducing Christian Rodriguez, Alumni Associate for the Mid-Atlantic North Region

October 14, 2016

Introducing Christian Rodriguez, Alumni Associate for the Mid-Atlantic North Region


My name is Christian Rodríguez and I am really excited to be an All-American Alumni Associate this year. As a junior in high school, I am the youngest associate, but, having started Model United Nations in eighth grade, I bring as many years of experience to the table as the rest of the team. In this time, I have attended, chaired, and organized almost 20 conferences, and I will apply all that I’ve learned in the process here. Undoubtedly, my trips to NAIMUN in Washington, DC and HACIA in Costa Rica with All American have been the highlights of my MUN career so far. I improved my research, public speaking, negotiation, and writing skills by far more than I anticipated I would. I also deeply valued the international element of both conferences, with NAIMUN drawing what is arguably largest amount of foreign students to a US conference and HACIA being a completely bilingual conference; being able to compete in my native language of Spanish as well as in English at HACIA was an extraordinary experience.

Outside of MUN, I’m heavily interested in art and design, particularly (but not surprisingly) the overlap between art and design with politics. I am in a specialized visual arts track at school, and I hope to continue studying it and working on my portfolio in college. In my free time, I watch more television than I am comfortable admitting and am an amateur photographer. I look forward to a great year of competing and travelling.

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