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How to Keep Your Senior Members Interested in MUN

Written by Annabelle Lee

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September 30, 2016

How to Keep Your Senior Members Interested in MUN

“Join Model UN! Boost your résumé! Add it to your College App!”

These are commonly used phrases to attract incoming freshman to join your Model UN club in order to increase the club size. But, what happens when you’re a senior and senioritis hits? If you’re not even motivated to go to class and school how can you be motivated to participate in Model UN? Especially if you helped build the club stronger and you’re a role model and mentor for others, what can be done to motivate your seniors to stay active in your club?

It is their final year and they have most likely put in a lot of effort to see the club succeed. It is their last go at it and they probably want to be appreciated! Their successes should be amplified and their efforts should be recognized! MUN is kind of like a sport in some ways. Throw a senior night for your seniors and have a night where the whole club comes together to celebrate the successes and achievements of your seniors!

If your seniors have been with the club since freshman year, it has probably been a long, dramatic, tiring run for them. They most likely have an interest in international relations, just like every other average MUN kid. Try to sway your club away from the drama and make your club more orientated to a more genuine Model UN atmosphere.

Lastly, country assignments and leadership! The seniors have had the bottom of the batch for the past three years! Want to keep them motivated and interested? Let them have their choice for country assignments. Even though assignments can not determinate how one performs in committee, if your seniors have their first pick they are going to more motivated to participate and stay attracted to the club.

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