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Dear reader,

Given the state of Model UN under the current pandemic circumstances, I’ve decided that it is best for UNMOD to enter a period of hiatus. It brings me great sadness to offer this announcement. That being said, with the nature of in-person Model UN being unfit for a pandemic, I know that this is the best decision for the community.

Of course, all of UNMOD’s previously published resources will remain available here on our website. The point at which UNMOD shall recommence publication is currently unknown. In the meantime, we will uphold our mission to be a free and accessible resource for the Model UN community.

To UNMOD’s readers, I can offer only this: despite this stage of dormancy for the activity we all love, it is more important than ever to stay engaged on an individual basis. Stay in touch with your delegations. Keep up with the United Nations. Go through your old research binders, try on your Western Business Attire, get inspired! The world of Model UN shall return soon enough; I say this with confidence.

Yours with optimism,

Kaitlyn Saldanha, Editor-in-Chief of UNMOD The Magazine


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