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This Week on MUN Coach:

Qatar’s energy minister has announced the Gulf state will leave OPEC, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, in January 2019. Qatar has been a member of OPEC since 1961, joining a year after the organization’s founding. While the energy minister cited Qatar’s desire to have greater control over its natural gas production in his official statement, political analysts believe the move may be politically motivated. Early in 2018, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates imposed sanctions on Qatar in response to border disputes and political disagreements.

What does this mean for OPEC? Was Qatar’s move to leave the organization based in politics? What does the future of OPEC look like?

In the UN Deep Dive, we’ll be covering the often overlooked UN Trusteeship Council. One of the principal organs of the UN, the Trusteeship Council had a critical role in the post-WWII world. What was its mandate? What it the current status of the Council?

In our Strategy Session, I’ll be discussing why it’s important to set expectations for your Model UN team and why you need everyone to buy into team goals.

And finally, in Coach’s Corner, I’ll share my strategies for how to format your draft resolutions to maximize involvement and outcome.

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