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Eastern Kentucky University Model United Nations

The simulation will consist of several model Security Councils and on joint Crisis Committee. Each Security Council is made up of 15 countries or delegations. Each country/delegation will consist of two students partnered to represent their Security Council nation.

EKUMUN Conference Information

EKUMUN Conference Details

Conference History
For the past year, teachers, students, and professors of Model Laboratory School, Eastern Kentucky University’s College of Education, and Department of Government, have tirelessly dedicated their efforts to create the only true and faithful Model United Nations Simulation to be held in Kentucky since 2003.
Committee Info
  • Pandemic Crises as Security Issues
  • Assessment of, role discussion, and possible expansion of the DROC Intervention Brigade trial for full international crisis operations
  • Human Security and the post-Millennium Development Goals
  • The territorial dispute over Cyprus
  • Order of the Phoenix, the Prequel, 1979-1981,
  • Order of the Phoenix Crisis Committee
  • Death Eaters Crisis Committee
Registration Prices

$30 per delegate

$30 per advisor

EKUMUN utilizes Eastern Kentucky’s campus for competition and debate.
Past Delegation Award Winners
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