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Online Model UN Courses

Two new courses coming soon for Model UN beginners and for teachers!

Frank and the All-American team are the epitome of professional, high-quality Model United Nations training. With their help, I’ve gone on to have great success at highly competitive conferences, and have strengthened my overall skills as a delegate and a public speaker

Bobby Hobart, Harvard MUN 2017 Best Delegate, NAIMUN 2017 Best Delegate, Dartmouth 2021

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Meet the Instructor

My name is Frank Pobutkiewicz and I’m the founder and Director of the All-American Model UN Programs. Over the past 10 years, I’ve worked with hundreds of students around the United States, teaching them my techniques and methods to success in Model United Nations.

During that span, the All-American Delegations have won team awards in Budapest, Beijing, Hyderabad, San Jose, and Washington DC. I’m more proud of the success our students have once they return to their schools, where many of them teach the same lessons I provided them with.

I believe in a research-driven, solutions-based approached to Model UN. So by taking my courses, you’ll not only learn MUN tips, you’ll learn how the UN is structured, the history of international politics in the 20th and 21st centuries, theories of international relations, economics, and other related subject material.

I hope to work with you soon!

Introduction to Model United Nations Course

The All-American Model UN online courses are a complete way to dive head first into the world of Model UN. The Intro to Model UN course will teach you about the UN system, what Model UN conferences are like, how to prepare yourself and research for a conference, Model UN terminology, debate techniques, and more! This video course includes:


Eight interactive modules covering research, draft resolution writing, bloc formation, leadership, procedure, debate, crisis committees, and diplomacy


Over 8 hours of video tutorials and instruction


An electronic version of the All-American Model UN Training Manual


Quizzes and check-in assignments to measure progress


A $500 grant that can be used for any All-American Model UN program

Teaching Model United Nations Course

The Teaching Model UN course gives instructors exercises, simulations, and teaching methods to get more out of your students. The first part of the course will provide an overview of how Model UN works during conferences so that you understand what you’re students will be doing. The second part of the course provides guidance through curriculum design and teaching objectives. And the third part of the course gives instructors concrete teaching exercises, debate preparation techniques, and full simulation designs.


Three in-depth, interactive modules covering Model United Nations, curriculum design, and teaching exercises


A sample four-month curriculum to be used for Model UN courses and after-school clubs


Twenty fully-developed and tested exercises and workshops


Over six hours of instructional video


A free copy of the All-American Model UN Training Manual

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