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Cabinets and Councils at YMGE

How YMGE Assigns Positions in Cabinets and Councils

At the heart of YMGE lays its integrated government simulation. If you’ve received your assignment, you may have noticed that you have been given a country and a ministry to represent.

For example, you may be assigned the Belgian Minister of Education. Or the Italian Minister of Transportation. Or the German Minister of Defense. You get the idea.

YMGE is an incredibly unique conference because you will actually be participating in two committees. YMGE begins with students in their national cabinets. Belgium, France, Germany, Poland, Spain, and the rest of the European states will be tasked with discussing national priorities.

Note: Not all 28 European Union countries will be simulated. Make sure to take note of which countries will be simulated at this year’s YMGE.

Re-configuring Committees

Although the exact timing differs from year to year, at some point a “crisis” will affect the European continent. After this shock event, the Cabinets at YMGE will be reshuffled into Councils of Ministers.

Therefore, if you’re the Belgian Minister of Education, you’ll leave the Belgian Cabinet and report to the Council of Education Ministers, where you will now be representing Belgium. After various times throughout the conferences, you’ll be challenged to debate in your national cabinet and council of ministers.

Note: YMGE predetermines which committee you will be in, so don’t worry about having to move between your national cabinet and council of ministers– the two committees will never take place at the same time.

What if I’m not in a Cabinet/Council?

If you’re not in the Cabinets and Councils, you’ll be in one of the many Specialized Agencies at YMGE. Don’t worry! I haven’t forgotten about you. Read through the next lessons because they will still be useful. Or ignore me, and jumped ahead to Lesson 6: Specialized Committees at YMGE.


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