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Brown University Simulation of the United Nation

BUSUN has always strived to introduce delegates to interesting and pertinent matters through carefully selected committee topics aimed to engage participates in collaborative discussions and constructive debates. It has always been a part of BUSUN’s ideology for delegates to work together in a collaborative environment that allows every participant to take something valuable away from the conference.

BUMUN Conference Information

BUSUN Conference Details

Conference History
Since its founding in 1996, BUSUN has prized itself on the professionalism and creativity that have come to define the conference.
Committee Info
General Assembly

  • African Union
  • Arab League
  • Association of Southeast Asian Nations
  • Disarmament and International Security Committee
  • Economic and Social Council
  • Human Rights Council
  • International Atomic Energy Agency
  • International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology
  • GA Plenary
  • UN Security Council
  • Social, Cultural and Humanitarian Committee
  • United Nations Disarmament, Demobilisation and Reintegration
  • United Nations Environmental Programme
  • UN Women
  • World Health Organization

Specialized and Historical

  • Argentinian Congress (2016)
  • The Long Parliament of Charles I (1640-1648)
  • US Supreme Court (2016)
  • Turkish Cabinet (1908)
  • Council of Advisors to the Japanese Emperor Meiji (1866-1868)
  • Death of Alexander the Great and Continuity (or Divison) of his Empire (323)
  • Chinese Financial Policy Advisory Committee (2015)
  • Brazilian Military Council (1970s)
  • Constitutional Assembly of South Africa (1994)
  • Syrian National Council
  • Coalition of Anti-Government Groups (2011)
  • Moroccan Parliament (2015)
  • Facebook Board of Directors (2015)
  • German Parliament (2015)
  • NYPD Committee (2015)
  • Alvor Agreement (1975)


  • Hungarian Revolution Mini Crisis
  • 2001 US Counterterrorism Mini Crisis
  • International Cyber Conflict
Registration Prices

School Fee: Early $55, Regular $65

Delegate Fee (paid per delegate): Early $55, Regular $65

Chaperone Fees (paid per extra chaperone): $10

BUMUN utilizes several buildings across Brown’s campus.
Past Delegation Award Winners