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MUN Impact Bilbao

Conference Date: June 16-17, 2022
All-American Program Dates: June 12-19, 2022
Bilbao, Spain
200+ Students from 10+ Countries

MUN Impact is a leading international nonprofit that catalyzes youth involvement with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Bilbao MUN Impact Conference features workshops by SDG ambassadors, student activists, UN officials, and leaders of NGOs working on SDG-related issues. The open conference format will allow participants the opportunity to sample a wide variety of topics, meet thought leaders in their respective fields, and develop the skills necessary to develop SDG action projects. A number of workshops will focus on the innovative work being done by the Education for Justice program, a UNODC/Doha Declaration educational initiative to promote the rule of law through education, including Model United Nations. Students, educators, UN officials, and NGO/business leaders will engage together throughout the conference, creating an environment of shared planning and decision-making. Multiple workshops will take place each hour, and each day will begin or end with an inspiring keynote speaker.

All-American Model UN will be presenting a COP26 negotiation that simulated the latest COP summit in Glasgow, Scotland. We are looking for eight students to help design and execute the simulation for hundreds of participants at the Bilbao MUN Impact Summit.

Flights to Spain & Visas

Students are responsible for booking their own flights to Spain. The Director will provide instructions for when you should arrive and depart. If you have questions or apprehension about flights, please email [email protected]. We may be able to book your flights for you.

US citizens are not required to apply for a Spanish visa prior to travel.

COVID Protocols

All students and staff participating must show proof of vaccination and booster shot at least three weeks prior to arrival in Bilbao. All-American Model UN will also organize and ensure COVID testing prior to return flights to the US, in accordance with US immigration and border control and airline policies. We have extensive COVID protocols in place; please contact the Director to discuss further.

Contact Information

The All-American Model UN Director will be available 24/7 by calling 857-400-9525 while overseas. Before departure, please contact the Director by email or phone with any questions or concerns.

Arrival in Bilbao
Arrive in Bilbao from your local airport
Meet your All-American teammates
Train with the All-American Model UN Director
Go out to dinner in the City Center

Bilbao Tour
Tour Historic Bilbao:
– Guided tour of Bilbao’s Old Quarter
– Basque culture and food tasting
– Visit the Guggenheim
– Explore Castle Rock
– Shop on the Gran Via

MUN Impact Conference

Two days of workshops from presenters from around the world + run the COP26 negotiation.

Request more information for the complete itinerary!



The All-American Model UN Programs are no-hassle experiences that take the worry away from planning and travel. Our program to Bilbao, Spain includes all of the following, plus more!

Bilbao City Tour

Food & Cultural Event

Remote Online Training

Conference Fees

4-Star Hotel


Breakfast and Dinner


24-Hour Supervision & Contact

Application and Qualifications

Students applying to the All-American Model UN team should have a consistent performance of excellence, not just in Model United Nations also academically. We will assess each candidate on an individual basis and not against one another. Students should use their application to illustrate their strengths and progress throughout high school.

  • Students must have at least of two years of competitive Model United Nations experience and participated in at least two conferences.
  • The best candidates will have placed (been awarded a Best Delegate, Outstanding Delegate, or Honorable Mention) in a high percentage of conferences attended.
  • Experience hosting a conference or chairing a Model UN committee looked favorably upon, but not required.
  • Exemplary understanding of parliamentary procedure including: moderated debate, motions and points, resolution writing, and voting procedure.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Ability to thoroughly research advanced matters of international affairs, both in the present and past.
  • Leadership experience either in Model United Nations or comparable co-curricular activities
Qualifying Model UN Conferences
The All-American Model United Nations program endorses outstanding Model United Nations conferences and organizations across the United States to promote Model UN excellence. The conferences listed have been chosen for their emphasis on student experience, academic quality, and level of competition. Students earning an Honorable Delegate, Outstanding Delegate, or Best Delegate award earn pre-qualification standing when applying to the All-American Model UN delegations. If you are a conference organizer, please contact us if you are interested in becoming an endorsed conference and allowing your students to earn pre-qualification for the All-American MUN teams.

  • Harvard Model UN (HMUN)
  • Ivy League Model UN Conference (ILMUNC)
  • Yale Model UN (YMUN)
  • Model UN at the University of Chicago (MUNUC)
  • North American Invitational Model UN (NAIMUN)
  • UC Berkeley Model UN (BMUN)
  • Stanford Model UN Conference (SMUNC)
  • USC Model UN (TrojanMUN)
  • Washington Area Model UN Conference (WAMUNC)
  • Chicago Invitational Model UN (CIMUN)
  • Boston Invitational Model UN (BosMUN)
  • Johns Hopkins Model UN Conference (JHUMUNC)
  • University of Michigan Model UN (MUNUM)
  • Rutgers Model UN (RUMUN)
  • Princeton Model UN Conference (PMUNC)
  • Cornell Model UN Conference (CMUNC)
  • Brown Simulation of the United Nations (BUSUN)
  • William and Mary High School Model UN (WMHSMUN)

Pre-register Deadline: January 20, 2022








Student Seats Available


Acceptance Rate


Students Accepted into Ivy League or Similar Schools


Pre-register for the Bilbao MUN Impact Conference

How Pre-Registration Works

Students and parents may pre-register for the Bilbao program by submitting their names and contact information. We will be closely monitoring the current COVID situation. Only after we feel confident that we will be able to offer this program, we will open the formal registration period. At that time, the first eight students to enroll and submit their tuition will be registered to participate with All-American Model UN.

Students are highly recommended to apply and be accepted to All-American Model UN before the registration period opens. Students can apply anytime through our online application. Once the registration period officially opens, seats will be allotted on a first-come, first-served basis.


Program DatesJune 12-19, 2022
Airfare ExpenseVaries on location
Payment Details & Options
  • Payment plans available for 3- and 6-months
  • Checks, money orders, and credit cards accepted (online fees may apply)
Scholarships and Aid
  • Financial Assistance available. Please contact the Program Director.
  • Offers may not be combined.