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MUN 101: Specialized Committees

MUN 101: Specialized Committees

What is a Specialized Committee? In Model United Nations, most committees will be listed as either General Assembly or crisis, but there is another category that is a bit more ambiguous in nature.  The term ‘specialized’ is used to represent a whole plethora of...
MUN 101: Specialized Committees

Bloc Building and Leadership Guide

What are Blocs? When you first walk into your committee room, it can be easy to be overwhelmed with the number of people in the room competing with you. Thoughts about who is trustworthy and who you want to avoid at all costs may swirl around in your head.  The...
MUN 101: Specialized Committees

Pre-Conference Prep Guide

What is effective preparation? Like any activity, there is a distinction between being prepared and flying on the seat of your pants. You never want to just wing it all the time and go into something unprepared. However, it’s also easy to prepare ineffectively or...
MUN 101: Specialized Committees

Guide to Double Delegations in Model UN

What is a Double Delegation and why is it Important? A double delegation is a set of two delegates that are paired to work together to represent one country in a committee. Double delegation committees are almost always larger United Nations organs such as the UN...

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