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Appalachian State Model United Nations

Appalachian State MUN strives for pushing not only IR majors to teach Foreign Affairs, but people of all Majors. Appalachian State MUN pushes to to increase the understanding and appreciation of foreign and international affairs for everyone.

Appalachian State MUN Conference Information

Appalachian State MUN Conference Details

Conference History
The Appalachian state MUN club participates extensively in Model United Nation activities and happily host two conferences a year. Appalachian MUN club takes pride in its two conferences per year brings difference topics and ideas to each of them.
Committee Info
  • UN Women
  • Security Council
  • General Assembly
  • G20
  • International Atomic
  • Energy Agency
  • Human Rights Council
  • Environmental Programme
  • East Asia Summit
  • United Nations Women
  • Congress of Vienna
Registration Prices
A $25 registration fee with $10 per delegate.
Appalachian State MUN hold its conference on campus.
Past Delegation Award Winners
Not Reported