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Alumni Spotlight: Tengi Shiga, former Secretary-General of the All-American Invitational

Written by Kaitlyn Saldanha

February 5, 2020

Alumni Spotlight: Tengi Shiga, former Secretary-General of the All-American Invitational

Tengi Shiga is a proud member of All-American Model UN’s highly-accomplished alumni network. A highly-experienced delegate of competitive Model UN, Shiga attended Yale Model Government Europe (YMGE) in Budapest, Hungary, as well as North American Invitational Model UN (NAIMUN) in Washington, D.C. with All-American Model UN. 


All-American Model UN took Shiga’s Model UN performance to a whole new level:

“All-American helped me become the delegate who would have intimidated the old me.”

The one-on-one coaching gave her the confidence and capacity for solution advocacy that helped her find her voice.


Shiga’s holistic engagement with All-American Model UN, though, far transcended the confines of competition as a delegate: she also helped pioneer the All-American Model UN Invitational Conference in the early days of it’s conception. Her work as the Secretary General of the All-American Invitational was critical in progressing the conference to the established training experience that it is today. 

All-American played a massive role in Shiga’s high school career and transition to college, as she puts in her own words:

“All-American Model UN pushed me in so many ways; it pushed me to be better in everything I did.”

The debate and negotiation of theoretical solutions to real-world problems was a skillset which translated effortlessly into career pursuits. The lessons she learned competing on the international Ivy-League Model UN circuit with All-American were closely related to her decision to pursue political science at Boston University and eventually enter the workforce as a student of public affairs.

“At some point, theoretical interests become a way to discover real passions in the world. Model UN and All-American helped me find mine.”

Further, the impact of All-American Model UN on her life was just academic and professional just as much as it was personal. Similar to every All-American alum, Shiga fiercely advocates for the connections she made with other All-American delegates: 

“I found friends which I related to on an intellectual level…[these friendships] lasted way, way beyond high school.”

Evidently, the power of All-American’s network of intensely passionate, motivated students cannot be overstated.


Shiga will be graduating a year early from Boston University this May, and plans to begin law school in the fall. After law school, her goal is to remain in Washington D.C. and pursue a career in politics. 

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